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13-Year-old Shrey Bafna How he got his first internship at this young age



Shrey Bafna, who currently studies in 8th class in Dav Boys Sr Secondary School Chennai, is doing intern with a web development company where his work is to create a prototype of a website for the client. It was not that easy to get this opportunity. Shrey says for more than one year; everything was closed. He was learning cricket and karate, but all stopped in between; schools were also closed. There was nothing much to do after the class. Then his mom told him to learn something new, and she always wanted him to learn to code. First, he was not interested as it was interior activity and new for him.

Then he asked his elder brother to teach him. He started with html first on weekends. He uses to learn for 1 hour and do practice a lot of questions in between. If any doubt occurs, he uses to clear it at that time itself. After some time, it became a hobby for him; it was not that easy for a 14-year-old child to manage both, but he set his timetable like that. He says if you do anything with total interest, nothing is challenging. He loves coding as he uses his thinking skills and new ideas to implement them on the screen. He says this pandemic was complex for every age group, but one can utilize it properly to make themselves good in something. And just like he chose to code for himself, others can choose anything else.

After learning, he started participating in the competition in which starting one due to the time limit he uses to get disqualified, and many times, his marks were deducted. Still, he never loosed hoped and kept on trying. When the time came in which he got an offer from a web development company for an internship, he said when the mail came, he was too happy as his hard work was showing results his family members, especially his mom Meenu Bafna whose role was the most important who use to motivate him when he fails was too happy and that happiness on her face clearly shows that hard work pays off he is favorite of his mom mother’s Manju Baid who was very proud when she heard about shrey doing so well even his grandmother Sampat Devi Bafna says it make her feel proud seeing her grandson doing so well. He has an elder sister who studies in class 11, Shruti, who secured 91.2 % in 10th. She also does coding, so she uses it to clear his doubt. Other than this Shrey love watching dubbed movies on YouTube, playing mobile games solving quiz he even help his mom in household work his dad Abhay Bafna owns a business in Chennai itself he Sayd it makes him feel proud that they are achieving this much in this young age his mom says they are very obedient and punctual just like his dad he never leaves any work for doing it later whatever he decides he put his 100 percent effort in doing that. 

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