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16-year-old Mayuresh Gupta is entirely devoted to paper crafts with Paper DIY.



There is no shortage of creativity and idea in a person. And, with each passing day, the paper cut art has been walking its way into their lives with different forms and styles. 16-year-old Mayuresh Gupta paves his way in fascinating others by transforming ordinary paper into beautiful works of Art, Origami, folding paper into objects.

Paper is one of the tremendous artistic materials that can be easily used in crafting incredible worthy works of art. A simple paper can be made to look different with different designs and techniques. Mayuresh chose to celebrate this paper art and gave wings to his creativity that is rapidly elevating his talents in the world, impressing his audience, and educating the one who keeps kin interest in giving heights to their passion and love for art. 

People get amazed to learn about Mayuresh’s talent at this young age, wondering about creating the pieces of tiniest props with hand-cut on paper and assembling them to get the final product. When asked about how he became entirely devoted to papercraft, his reply was convincing. He said, “Creating some art with paper requires no genius just few colorful chart papers and craft papers and few cool shapes are all that needed.” Therefore he was utterly enchanted by this idea of working with paper and creating new art pieces which are super easy and inexpensive to create along with a fantastic look. 

Mayuresh began his journey as a paper artist with his YouTube channel “Paper DIY” on 9th September 2020. In less than a year, he managed to earn more than three thousand subscribers and more than seven lakh views on his YouTube channel. Post the success of his talent on YouTube, he created his official Instagram page on 2nd February 2021, where he used to post about his Paper DIY videos, and in just five months, he had earned more than 53K followers. The most exciting fact is, one of his videos got 1 lakh views in just 3 minutes after he posted it on his channel.

He began attracting many audiences, including famous artists, with a massive inflow of appreciable comments. Such an incredible benchmark at this young age, Isn’t it impressive? 

Mayuresh has mastered the art of papercraft at such a young age of 16, which is awe-inspiring for the young crowds passionate about paper art and craft. His versatile talent in art and ship met the eye of famous papercraft artists worldwide, and these motivations kept him growing and excelling in this unique talent with every passing day. Paper Craft has innumerable values beneficial for children. It helps develop problem-solving skills, teaches them to be patient, helps to express feelings in the form of different unique designs, and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. 

Some interesting popular Papercrafts prepared by Mayuresh so far which have more than one Lakh views on YouTube

– Paper origami Barbie dress

– Paper chips

– DIY paper flower bouquet

– Paper pillow

-Paper swing

– Origami bookmark corner.

  • Rainbow waterfall greeting card and many more.

A rewarding thing about self-made crafts is that it holds an exceptional value with a lot of effort and thoughtfulness when gifted to others. Undeniably when we give someone any handmade environment-friendly art as a gift, it makes them feel special.

Inspire yourself to get crafting and drop by to enjoy exploring the rich world of Mayuresh Gupta’s paper crafting and @mayureshgupta29 on Instagram. His Youtube channel’s name is ‘Paper DIY.’


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