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24 Year Old Boy Quits FAANG Job and Started his MultiMillion Dollar Start-ups.



Marie Forleo said- “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently”, and this is what Rahul Dadhich has been doing from an early stage in his life. From sleeping on a railway station bench for ten days after Parents Totally Against Them and having nowhere to live, he still made sure that his objectives and dreams were the only things that kept him moving forward. He began his adventure to become an entrepreneur with only 10,000 INR in his pocket, and today he manages Five businesses. What was his journey? How did he end up where he is today and what are his Future Plans? Let’s find out:

A simple man who believes that hard effort leads to success understands that hard work only occurs when we are serious, committed, and dedicated to our defined targets and goals. Someone who works in ethics and can distinguish right and wrong is the man himself, Mr Rahul Vinodkumar Dadhich, born in Jaipur Rajasthan, bred in Surat Gujarat on 1st June 1997. With an underlying interest in Cyber Security and computer applications, he did his Bachelors in Computer Applications from Chandigarh University and then later Masters in Cyber Security from New York University. Rahul interned at organisations like Google and Oracle while completing his education to understand better what he wanted to do in his life. As an intern, he gained valuable insight into both organisations, which aided in the development of his career, because of which today, he runs his startup. He has been a part of Startup India since the year 2020. The founder of Blue Corporation, ArrowPay Inc, HalfSquare Security, TradeCur, Angry Monkey Media, Rahul, started to Explore Technology and love to Work and Research on Different Types of Algorithms of Banking, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Currency, Machine Learning. Rahul Working On AI Called ‘Avanti’ And ‘Veronica.’

While conversing with us, the company’s founder Mr Rahul told us about his achievements and the path-breaking story that led to his success. At the early age of 20, he cracked Google and completed his master’s side by side. He understood the Industries Algorithm about how they work, what processes and steps they take to excel in their particular fields, and how to apply them in his startup. Also, Without the help of venture capitalists or angel investors, he raised $5 million from his expertise in the industry at the age of 23.

He is currently a cyber security expert and runs five enterprises due to his comprehensive and resourceful knowledge. His future projects consist of making Cryptocurrency and Banking services available to the whole world. Most of his revenue is generated from the investing and confounding start-ups in Europe. His net worth is nearly about $ 80 million. Such vast wealth is not amassed in a single day, week, or even year. Reaching such a high level takes a lot of patience, devotion, and strenuous effort. To make good business and financial decisions for your company like Rahul did, you should have a good business and financial understanding.

But in order to constantly strive and do better, you need motivation, and when we asked him about his sources of motivation, he told us that his failures are his biggest motivation. We often give up on our ambitions because we have failed at some point, yet that is when success comes knocking. It would be best not to give up because of a single obstacle; instead, try to overcome and learn from it, and you will undoubtedly succeed.

“Deal with crisis in such a way that you can hold your head high and sleep well at night” this is a very famous line said by Mr Ratan Tata, who is an idol for him. Just like Mr. tata, Rahul also feels that one should never lose hope or stop dreaming. Take risks, trust your gut and always follow your ethics, and you’ll be on your way to excellence.

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