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30 year old CA from Ludhiana is helping businesses turn profitable post pandemic



India’s youngest Profit Coach is on a mission to help SME business owners make their business pandemic proof by helping them generate cash reserves, systematically.

These two years have been quite challenging for the Indian economy, with the small and medium business community suffering terribly. Fall in demand, disruption in supply chain, inflation, lockdown and unforeseen tough pandemic situation led to severe cash crunch. This left several business owners struggling to even survive, with most resorting to undertaking huge loans, letting go of staff or even shutting down the business. Profit Coach Arsh Gaur says, “This could have been avoided provided the SME business community had prepared in advance. However no one saw the pandemic coming last year, no one even imagined it was going to last this long and have such a huge impact. As a result business owners had to face the blow of heavy losses. However, after seeing two lockdowns, even if now business owners refuse to open their eyes and prepare for similar challenges for the future, then God save them. It’s time that every SME business owner takes charge to protect their business against a third wave or any future lockdowns.”

Does preparing the business for ‘protection’ requires a complete makeover of the system or teams ?

“Not at all. Changes begin to happen from the first conversation itself. In fact last month an entrepreneur generated over 1.7 crores in a single conversation over a cup of coffee! It all begins with the right mindset.”

Says one of the youngest profit coaches of India. He has helped dozens of businesses turn profitable over the last two years with his impeccable eye for spotting structural inadequacies in business systems, over simple conversations.

What inspired him to start this journey ?

“My father. I have always seen him approaching his work like ‘seva’ and serving his clients. He inspired me to follow my heart and choose a path where I can serve people and contribute in some manner. It was a tough decision initially to start upon a completely new journey. But today when I receive happy phone calls from entrepreneurs from across the country, there is nothing more fulfilling. Only an entrepreneur can understand the cost an entrepreneur pays for running a successful business, and I aspire to make this process more profitable for my fellow business owners.

Arsh Gaur recently celebrated the launch of the book “Speed Up Business Growth With Strong Balance Sheet” written by his father, CA Pradeep Sharma and co-authored by him (although he gives 90% credit of writing the book to his father, the book provides an excellent roadmap to strong balance sheet as the name suggests). Arsh has also started a bi-weekly facebook live “Profit Ki Baat” where he invites the stalwarts from various industries who have generated record profits in their businesses. He uses this platform to generate awareness by discussing real life strategies used by entrepreneurs that led them to phenomenal success. The show opened with Mr. Gautam Sikri, MD, Ramsons Cycle Pvt Ltd. as the first guest, and received positive feedback from the community. The next live show is scheduled for this 3rd November with Nirapjeet Singh Grewal, MD, Jaewoo Machines Pvt Ltd. Besides this he also runs a Youtube channel by the name of ‘CA Arsh Gaur: Business Profit Coach’, where he regularly uploads videos with exclusive content for SME business owners on tips and techniques to increase Cash profits in their business. Twice a year he opens the opportunity to register for his Cash Profit Mastery Course where he selects a handful of business owners and works closely with them. This course has helped business owners save and generate more than 20 millions over the past two years.

If you are interested in knowing more about the course , you can attend a free masterclass on 10th November 2021, 11am – 12:30pm and book your seat before they close the deadline.

You can find more details by clicking the link…/tZ0udOuqqjspGN0VhSXvvJO1dFRLT…

 or on his youtube channel CA Arsh Gaur : Business Profit Coach

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