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7 Hours Energy Drink striving to become No1. in Global Markets



Not every day do you come across inspiring models that fuel you in the direction of self-reliance. At Samayaraa Sales Corporation, a dedicated team constantly tries to redefine the Indian economy via indigenous products. Samayaraa echoes the voice of Aatmanirbhar India in global platforms through its internationally competent energy drink 7Hours.

7 Hours is the brainchild of Samayaraa Sales Corporation based in Maharashtra, India. As the name suggests, this product offers a boost of energy for up to seven hours.

This energy drink has taken over both the Indian and international markets through its adherence to quality and consistency.

An innovative product of the research team at Samayaraa, Seven Hours is the poster child of the Make in India initiative. The team behind Seven Hours spend years of work and research into developing an ideal energy drink that, unlike the international ones, causes little to no harm to consumers. The drink makes use of top-quality ingredients sourced from India itself. The team at Samayaraa is particular about keeping up with all the health standards and being a suitable role model to the other global energy drink brands.

The formula behind 7 Hours is unique and natural, and the creators claim that the product provides an instant energy boost to consumers. As the drink makers abide by the strict environment, health, and safety rules, the product stands further high in standards. Despite maintaining an impressively high production quality, the creators of Seven Hours are particular about making the product available at a reasonable cost. It costs much less than its counterparts despite maintaining similar quality standards.

At Samayaraa, the focus is always on sustainability. The corporation’s fundamental research, development, and innovation base its principles on creating a sustainable future. So, minimal consumption of natural resources is carried on at the corporation, and particular attention is given to maintaining sustainable practices throughout the production of all of the products, especially, 7Hours.

Rather than a mere energy drink, Seven Hours represents the positive side of the new India. The product significantly contributes to the company’s beliefs in communal development and the upliftment of fellow Indians. The production and marketing of 7 Hours itself have generated a great many numbers of employment opportunities. With every unit of drink purchased, the consumer is indirectly contributing to the empowerment of the Indian economy.

7 Hours is the result of several years of relentless pursuit by the director of Samayaraa, Mr. Rohidas Kapadnis himself. His goal to develop an indigenous energy drink that matches with global quality standards found fruition in 7 Hours. His motto has always been to provide the mass with the most high-class products, and 7 Hours is undoubtedly a significant stepping stone on his journey.

7 Hours drink in particular, and the Samayaraa team as a whole deserves the greatest of respect and support for the efforts put in the path of an Aatmanirbhar Bharath. They share the self-reliance dream with the entire country and are making India proud in global markets by sharing their low-priced yet high-quality energy drink. 7 Hours is undoubtedly becoming a boost for the country and the community for many more hours and years to come.Follow them on Instagram at @7hoursenergydrink (

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