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Vaibhav Pudke, a renowned name in Internet Marketing and dropshipping has made his fortune by leveraging the internet and by selling Nfts. The 22-year-old boy showed the world how to become successful by utilizing online marketing.

Vaibhav, at the tender age of 19 years launched his first website and strives to attain knowledge and apply them in practical life to become more successful and to fulfil his dreams of becoming a renowned entrepreneur.

The internet nerd, by incorporating smart technology, launched his internet marketing agency named ECOMMAFIA and has competently made the company’s annual turnover to 6 figures, which is approximately around $100,000.

Now, many are thinking about what NFT is.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital investment that is purchased and sold online. It has programming which is similar to cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

NFTs are individual tokens containing valuable information. They can be used for buying and selling just like other types of art, as they bear the value that is set by the market and is in demand. With the help of NFT’s distinguished data, their ownership can be verified very easily.

How did he make use of NFTs to achieve success?

Vaibhav Pudke started making his fortune by utilizing various online streams like Cryptocurrency, blogs, dropshipping, and Affiliate Marketing. He mastered the art of trading and devoted the maximum amount of time to researching the trends of the internet and trading. His efforts paid off and he made revenue of  $300K by selling NFTs online.

Skull Avenue, a recently launched NFT collection

Recently he launched an NFT collection named Skull Avenue, where he sold a collection of  $300K. Skull Avenue is located on a blockchain and has an eternal journey through the Solana Universe. Skull Avenue believes in three basic principles of uniqueness, fairness and randomness. It also has over 150 distinctive attributes.

The collection

Skullavenue distinguishes itself from most other collections by showcasing a full-body character instead of a portrait only. Each character is named based on its first three attributes. For example, if the headpiece is named “Duke”, the skull “The Golden”, and the top “Postman”, the name becomes “Duke The Golden Postman”. In addition, Each character carries a unique serial number.

Next to this, the collection includes a few homages to movie and series roles that have a special place in the team’s hearts. The tech genius through his talent and skill could make his fortune only by selling NFTs and making an asset of $300K. He is an inspiration to many and is also successful in making others make wealth online.

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