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A Casual Meetup Turned As A Tech Marketing Company – Story Of SME Focused Performance Marketers



Facing the storms of life with fortitude and courage, Ganesh Kumar & Pravin is today the proud owners of an SME-focused performance marketing company, OneDOT Media. Started with Rs 1 lakh & 3 people in 2016, the bootstrapped venture now at 50+ people and is expected to hit $1M by 2023. 

It all started in 2015 when they met. The discussion is just on technology marketing since they are experienced. But who knows if a small catch-up of collegemates will turn into a business?

It is surprising and exciting to think about coming from a non-business background with intentions to start something like this ever. Both my non-business background classmates during engineering (UG) days could not imagine that this bond would turn into a company with values and culture. Each of them worked in different domains after their college days where Ganesh was in Internet Sales, and Pravin was in Operations.

It was instant that they could see a significant leap towards the Digital marketing domain having SMEs in mind. However, the problems faced by the SMEs and the need to provide technology marketing services no were matching, and the lack of expertise from companies who always could focus only on the top-line revenues and ignored, leaving the SMEs without any services was tough to witness. At that moment, the rise of OneDOT Media got on its feet in the market, focusing on SMEs with quality technology marketing services. 

Earlier, marketing campaigns focused entirely on outbound approaches with high marketing spending to concentrate on achieving results. But the story has changed; the marketing sector came with outbound and inbound marketing elements and technologies. By scaling these methods, the mandatory of evolving the industry has been done. 

Over the years, the line of work has drastically changed, where marketing automation tools and other marketing elements are needed. But it is also crucial to note that the perspective of Digital marketing has evolved and changed its ideas among customers. Therefore, the transformation into digital is unavoidable for many leading companies worldwide (even the top-most companies need the hand in digital). 

” We focus on setting a visionary concept to keep new learnings and advancements to pass on to the team. In addition to that individual, we have set goals for learning, which would help the internal team with the necessary support. ”says Ganesh Kumar, CEO & Founder

” The first success we met with, and we are so grateful to sign up our first client even before the entire company has been accomplished. It was a great feeling for us, and we will drive this memory even for many years. ”says Pravin.S, Co-founder & COO

As an SME-based company, it is even more essential to act faster as they have significantly fewer resources and support to meet their needs. Anyhow, the approach toward clients was required to rethink how to implement a digital marketing strategy. Today OneDOT manages the performance marketing for 350+ SMEs, 30+ Real Estate Companies, 25+ Healthcare companies & 20+ Brands. 

From Unknown to one the best-known performance agencies of south India, OneDOT has been recognized as Emerging Icons of Tamil Nādu 2020, Icons of Tamil Nādu 2021 & Trendsetters of TN 2022 by the Prestigious media conglomerate The Times of India. Adding more feathers to the crown, Ganesh has been awarded Digiprenuer of the Year 2020 by Team Leadership Icons. 

Think Marketing. Go Digital. OneDOT

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