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A simple man from Jaipur sells products to over 10 countries



When you see Mr P M Agarwal from Jaipur, you would not believe his achievements. He is the director of Jagannath Polymers Pvt Ltd (JPPL) which recently completed 25 years in the plastics industry. JPPL has recently bagged orders from South Korean customer, which becomes their 10th country for exports. 

JPPL is motivated by values and has a base of about 100 happy customers both domestically and abroad. Despite being a family-owned business, the workplace culture has adopted professionalism. With the aid of  top-notch workforce and infrastructure, they continue to expand. Mr. P M Agrawal, the director and owner is a visionary who see the company as the biggest business in the industry.

The company that has taken over the plastic packaging industry in Rajasthan was once started by a simple man from a small town in Rajasthan. We have heard about the twenty-year-old manufacturer of plastic packaging materials, Jagannath Polymers Pvt Ltd as a sustainable development plastic packaging company but we haven’t heard about the man who started it.

 Owner and director’s story

 JPPL’s journey

 Jagganath Polymers Pvt Ltd has  always advanced by embracing new technologies and comprehending the fundamental needs of the country in terms of packaging materials. Due to the same capacity for flexibility, they have grown into a massive tree with several branches and are now a top provider of plastic and paper based packaging materials.

 The company has been regarded as a partner, researcher, and solution supplier offering our customers everything from a single source as a corporation with global operations. Its operations include creating a package from the start, offering product recommendations based on its customer’s individual needs, developing top-notch products, and delivering custom packaging solutions.

 JPPL are renowned for our year-round research and development efforts as well as our cutting-edge goods. They serve as a hub for the development of fresher, more effective sustainable concepts for the benefit of people and the environment. The company works to regularly upgrade and improve our current products while also offering all the technical and financial assistance they can in the development of superior plastic packaging items.

Awards and certifications achieved by JPPL

JPPL has won several awards and accolades in its journey. It was honoured with “EXPORTER OF THE YEAR 2020” among small business awards which was initiated by FRANCHISE INDIA.

It has also received several other certifications ISO 9001/14000, ROHS Certification, CE Certification, REACH certification and FSC certification.

JPPL in the news

Along with getting regularly appreciated b y awards and certificates JPPL gets featured in newspapers for the milestones it crosses. Various newspapers features JPPL in its news bits which include-;DAINIK BUSINESS, Rajasthan Patrika, Mahanagar Times, JAGROOK JANTA, CITY LIVE, KALWAR TIMES, HUMARA SAMACHAR, Smart Samachar, Zee Rajasthan, Daily News, Heerawati News Times, Navjyoti, Bhaskar, Patrika and Samagam Seema Sandesh

Mr. P M Agrawal has come a long way, thanks to his remarkable leadership, continual hard work, and unwavering support of the company’s employees. JPPL has established a reputation for being a sustainably developed company, and it has set records for the work it does. Many more ideas and approaches will be developed in the future to augment the notion that the company currently serves. Better concepts and novel designs must be implemented in the industry so that more people avoid plastic and engage in conservation of the earth. Adoption of newer technology by industry will benefit future generations, bringing us closer to our objective of a cleaner planet.


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