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A True Inspiration to Budding Entrepreneurs; Dr Yogesh Rathod



For my Parents, “With you I am everything but without you I am nothing.” 

Dr.Yogesh Navinchandra Rathod was born and bought up in the Jain – Rajasthani family in Mumbai. He is the youngest entrepreneur to have his pharmacy at the age of 19 and has a Diploma in Pharmacy, Bachelor in Alternative Medical Studies and Bachelor in Psychology. He is an entrepreneur, Financial Consultant, Councillor (Life and Business coach)

After junior college, he did his Diploma in pharmacy in one of the Top institutes, MET Institute of Pharmacy, in 2012. Afterwards completed Bachelor’s in Alternative medical studies from IBAM and B.A. in psychology from Mumbai University.

From a family of businessmen, Dr Yogesh started his first business venture at 19. It was a ‘Rathod Chemist and General Store’ in Mumbai. This step made him one of the youngest persons to open a Pharmacy.

After this successful venture, he opened ‘Health Plus Medicare’ in 2016. His second venture also became a great success; by the second year, he had a turnover of approx. Rs. 1 crore.

In this period, he learnt valuable skills such as team management, leadership, finance management, marketing promotion etc. Health Plus Medicare was the first ever pharmacy to offer a flat 10% discount on all medical products without terms and conditions. Dr Yogesh gives all the credit for his success to his Parents and Grandparent, who always taught him to not only take from society but also to give back and contribute to its well-being. Hence, he started this initiative; he reduced his profit to help the ones who couldn’t afford to buy the medicine at a high price.

With a booming start-up, he decided to continue his studies. In 2016 he completed his Bachelor’s in Alternative medical studies. When Dr . Yogesh initially started his start-up, he noticed many of his family, friends and clients coming to him for advice or counselling; this made him want to learn more about human psychology. In 2019 he started to study B.A. in Psychology, hence taking the title of a Psychologist. By the mid of 2022. Dr . Yogesh has three full degrees now and planning to study further.

He learned his business ethics from his parents, who always advised him not to earn a profit from someone else losses. Dr . Yogesh said, “I believe in simple living and high thinking. The mantra of success as per my knowledge is having good and strong ethics, morals and values. Because this make a person a good human being, kind and allow him to enjoy his/her success long last. Without moral, ethics and values person can’t achieve success and if he achieves than it will not last long.”

His life turned around when his dad fell sick in 2019 and was hospitalized for over three months, where he spent most of his time. While there, he noticed a few things, such as how less health insurance resulted in a massive bill at the hospital. This incident was an eye opener for him; he realized the importance of finical management and how so many people in India are having lack financial awareness. This led to his new start-up, ‘Yogesh Rathod and Associates.

Yogesh Rathod and Associates provides complete financial services like life insurance, health insurance, mutual fund, bonds, FDs, NCDs, travel insurance, loans, and anything and everything related to financial services. Within a short period, the start-up grew, with over thousands of clients. Managing more than Rs.100 Cr sum insured. “We provide guidance on each and every step in financial planning of client. We having great experienced team to serve better,” Dr Yogesh. The company now ranks in the top 30 in the Health Insurance segment all over India. Yogesh Rathod and Associates has a 4.9-star rating on google.

The world human rights protection commission awards Dr Yogesh an Honorary Doctorate. He has also received various other awards from various financial companies for their achievements like Best contributor, Annual Councillor etc.

He took every problem as a learning opportunity and struggled to succeed. Still, with the support of his family, Dr Yogesh is an inspiration to all the young entrepreneurs out there.

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