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Aadveka – A sustainable clothing line by Aishwarya Srivastava



What is Aadveka?

The clothing line Aadveka promotes fashion and sustainability. Aadveka believes in fashion that lasts over time rather than that which merely fades. It designs collections purely inspired by Indian heritage. Its products revive Indian textiles by adding a modern spin to the regional art and craft industry. The empowerment and joy of the weavers’ and artisans’ lives are of prime importance to the brand. The intention is to persuade the younger generation to support Indian textiles.

Aishwarya Srivastava – The face behind Aadveka

The company’s founder, Aishwarya Srivastava, has achieved her aim by developing Aadveka, a clothing brand that is fast growing. She launched the brand in 2022 and received a positive reception and widespread adoration. Aishwarya has always been passionate about exquisite Indian textiles, which can completely change an outfit or environment. She was fully aware that the handloom business today lacks sophisticated patterns and is consequently unable to have a big influence on how contemporary women dress. As she wished to conserve the quickly vanishing Indian textile culture, she founded the growing sustainable handloom textile brand Aadveka. Coming from a family of engineers and government officials with no background or contacts in the business industry, Aishwarya created a brand that is entirely her own by using her own thoughts and ideas.

“Aadveka is a complete reflection of me,” the founder says. “It is my own personality that I have creatively projected to create Aadveka, and nothing gives me more joy than knowing that I have done everything I possibly can to create this wonderful brand- that not only makes a difference to me, but also to the people of India at large.”

The journey towards establishing the brand 

Before setting the milestone of creating the enormous brand Aadveka, Aishwarya had explored her interests. She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology before specialising in organisational psychology at the University of Delhi. Only by her own experience did she learn about consumer psychology, and that moment proved to be a turning point in both her personal and professional lives. In 2018, she gave up the stability of a steady job to pursue her passion for textiles. Something inside her had been stirred and shaken.

She enrolled in the fashion design programme at Pearl University, New Delhi. She became an exemplary student and learner, garnering multiple accolades, including the Best Performer of the Academic Year Award and the Best Jury’s Choice Award. The following three years were spent by Aishwarya honing her fashion skills and researching various subjects, such as Indian traditional textiles, which gave her the idea to start releasing collections under her label- Aadveka. Although there are many of these crafts available in the market, she was aware of their poor quality. She set out on a quest to establish a market for sustainable clothing that not only satisfies the demand for stunning designs but also ensures the highest level of quality. 

She developed relationships with several artisans across India during her field trips. She was in charge of every aspect, including fabric sourcing, research, design, production, artistically planned photo sessions, graphics, website creation and promotion, and financial planning. She had a wonderful chance to learn and grow as a result of this.

Brand’s inspiration, mission and beliefs 

Aishwarya’s connection to Indian art and crafts, as well as the associated processes, diligence, and accuracy that produce such amazing products, have surely inspired her. She believes that every handmade piece of clothing has a heritage tale to share. The company was founded to start a shift that would revitalise the Indian textile industry. It aims to modernise the Indian textile industry and bring about social change by encouraging customers to consider what they buy and where they get it from so they may determine whether it benefits anyone or contributes to any societal improvements.

Today’s women are bold and self-assured, paving way for themselves to reach great heights. The Indian textile industry does not meet their needs and are wholly outdated, so they need something that could recite or express their unique persona. Aishwarya Srivastava, the company’s founder, aims to provide clothing inspired by Indian aesthetics that meet the needs of contemporary women in terms of fashion. Aadveka offers fashion that never fades!

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