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“Abhishek Kumar Mahto Launches NOMOEX and New OTT Platform”



Abhishek Kumar Mahto is a young entrepreneur who understands the power of the blockchain. His passion for building a platform that allows anyone to easily trade Crypto Coins has motivated him to become a leader in this emerging technological space. NOMOEX is a secure, user-friendly exchange that allows users to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies with no fees in real time. 

Crypto Coin Exchange Platform NOMOEX gives everyone a chance to gain experience and become successful at an early age because if you can’t use these opportunities then when you are 30 years old then how will you survive without any skills and knowledge in your life. Abhishek also has started working for an OTT Platform in a partnership with some known people and we’ll know more about this OTT Platform when it comes live.

This OTT Platform will give more opportunities to everyone and specifically this OTT Platform will help those people who have talent but they don’t know about how to succeed in life with their own talents. This article is about the NOMOEX (Network of Multi Asset Exchange) ,the new OTT (Over the Top) platform that is going to be launched soon by Abhishek. The brand new OTT Platform is about to launch by the end of January and Abhishek is very excited about this too, also he said that NOMOEX is coming with lots of opportunities for this generation, thousands of Investors from foreign countries are investing now in NOMOEX and this is gonna be a biggest opportunity for everyone in India.

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release. No Journalists were involved in the creation and publishing of the content.

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