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Advocate Govind Bali- one of the youngest Indian lawyers to take up cases for his clients at United Nations



“People are afraid of their differences, while people who make a difference are known as heroes”, stated Advocate Govind Bali, and these inspiring words were put into action in his life. When people across the nation are bemused and only partially aware of the legal proceedings in the tribunals and struggling to get justice from the judiciary system, this man made a huge difference by standing up to all odds and taking their side.

Advocate Govind Bali is one of the youngest Indian lawyers to take up cases at the United Nations on behalf of his clients. He recently filed an appeal against a UNOPS sanction imposed on an Indian vendor. The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is a self-sustaining entity within the United Nations development system. It assists the United Nations and its partners in providing peace, humanitarian, and development solutions. It provides infrastructure, procurement, project management, financial management, and human resources implementation, advisory, and transactional services. The appeal has been submitted to the Vendor Review Committee (VRC), a technical body charged with investigating allegations against United Nations Development Programme vendors. Advocate Govind Bali has used international trade doctrine and common law doctrines to have sanctions against his clients lifted.

Fastrack Legal Solutions was founded by Govind Bali with a motto to deliver speedy justice for everyone by reinforcing the belief that law should be there to protect everyone’s rights. The Fastrack team works with a commitment to make a difference in people’s lives through their services. It is a one stop solution to all legal problems across diverse areas like patents, copyrights, criminal law and many more fields at an affordable price. They offer notary, affidavit, and attestation services, as well as litigation, corporate law, arbitration and education consulting.

Advocate Govind Bali is a lawyer specializing in constitutional law and criminal law. He’s also a social worker, entrepreneur and youth speaker. He practices in Delhi High court and other district courts in Delhi NCR. Govind Bali extensively worked for the Do Jodi movement in 2014, distributing stationary to poor students and working for the needy with a kind and generous heart. He also took part in numerous protests against inhumanity and always tried to uphold the values of the constitution.  He was the winner of the debate competition for five consecutive years, conducted by the board of student activities at GD Goenka University. He also won the best speaker award in several debate competitions, including one organised by the Lancaster University debate club and another by NIMT, Noida. In 2018, he was a keynote speaker on the rights of MANREGA workers and the ideas of Bhagat Singh. He has been a part of valuable sessions with Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani and Advocate Lalit Basin. He assisted in notable cases such as the Abrogation of article 370, the CAA and NRC cases under Senior advocate Prashanto Sen and the Shame Banners Case under Advocate Ashma Izzat.

In 2020, he graduated from GD Goenka university in Gurugram with a keen objective of providing justice for all, and he has strict principles regarding legal practice. He started Fastrack Legal Solutions to provide a quick and a foolproof legal solution to everyone. They maintain the safety and confidentiality of legal services. They have assisted in legal services for well-known individuals such as Raj Kumar Hirani and Umang Mehta. The team comprises of 25 highly qualified and experienced lawyers who have resolved 120 cases with a success rate of 95%. Fastrack Legal Solutions has made justice simple and reachable to people across various parts of the country.

Contact details of Govind Bali:

Phone: 7697671219

Email: Instagram page of Fastrack Legal Solutions: @fastracklegalsolutions

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