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AHO: A goal to transform hospitals



“AHO, A unique Hospital Brand Chain startup is working to transform the Hospital Management sector with a major focus on Small & Medium Hospitals across the country.”

“Planning is the Antidote to Panic”

India contributes less than 2 % of its GDP to the health sector. It is a well-known fact that countries that put maximum money into the development of Healthcare are countries that derive maximum health outcomes. Countries like Sweden & UK are examples.

With a mission to transform the Hospital Management system, AHO Hospital Brand Chain, a vertical of Edunishad Technologies LLP, was formed, doing remarkable work in its area. Alliance for Hospital Optimization or AHO, which Dr Vijay Mishra, CEO, leads, is committed to providing 360-degree support to hospitals with the main focus area on Small & Medium Hospitals. 

AHO is committed to helping the hospitals / Nursing homes in brand promotion, handling Medico-legal cases, managing the patient record, virtual CFO service. 

They are providing EMR software to hospitals for handling patient records. EMR Software stands for Electronic Medical Record. It keeps all the data of the patient. Unlike the traditional system, electronic documents are easy to store and can be accessed anywhere. One of its best features is that the data stored can be retrieved using specific keywords to save medico’s time.

NABH accreditation is another area where AHO plays a vital role by upgrading hospital service quality per NABH standards and standing them at par with other world-class hospitals. 

 In a nutshell, it can be said that AHO is working as a support system for hospitals that are operating in remote areas without any guidance and are seeking a mentor. 

This startup is led by three prominent personalities having deep experience in their respective fields. 

Dr Vijay Mishra, the Chief Executive Officer at AHO, is the former Managing director of Birla Group. He also has the experience to lead the Ayurveda and Healthcare & division of Birla Group & Khatau Group.

Dr Vijay Mishra, CEO

 While talking to the organization’s CEO, Dr Vijay Mishra, he shares the objective by saying. 

“AHO is the first of its kind hospital chain in India for small and medium hospitals. All these hospitals are basically from an unorganized sector, and only the doctor is qualified, but the staff and other people are unqualified/underqualified. Mostly they don’t have any insurance tie-ups. So, most of the time, they treat only cash patients, whereas those with a Medi-claim facility cannot get cashless treatment. 

Our idea is to upgrade these hospitals like the corporate hospital. All these services we are providing make them affordable corporate hospitals. It means the services will be low cost, and the affordability and quality will be as good as corporate hospital, which is our objective.

Lt. Gen. Balbir Singh Sandhu is the Head of Operations and Trainings, was the Director-General of Supplies and Transport at Army Headquarters, and is also a recipient of the Ati Vashisht Seva Medal (AVSM) by the Government of India.  

Lt. Gen. Balbir Singh Sandhu, who is head of operations and training at AHO, clearly depicts the importance of training and upgrading the quality of staff,

“Unless the staff is properly trained and upgraded, they will not be able to provide good healthcare services as most of the time people interact with subordinate staffs. Doctors are available once or twice in a day but most of the time in patient’s treatment, these subordinate staffs like nurses, ward boys, ANM, all these are interacting with the patients. So their training is very much important.”

Mr Alok RanjanIAS working as the board chairman & head of the medico-legal team, is a former IAS officer who served the nation for 38 years and retired from the service as the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh. 

He is board chairman and head of the Medico-legal team justified the importance of having a medico-legal facility as, “These hospitals do not treat patients if they found that there is even 10% chance of collapsing in a patient. In such case they refer to the bigger hospital even though they can treat it, they don’t want to risk their hospital because they are afraid of the repurcussions of medico-legal matter.” 

AHO is now in partnership with 25+ hospitals across the country and is aspiring to grow this to a greater extent. This city includes Prayagraj, Lucknow, Ayodhya, Shamli, Gorakhpur, Barabanki, Shahjahanpur, Saharanpur, Cuttack, and Jhansi. 

AHO is doing its best to tackle the lack of resource challenges, but nothing is sufficient in India’s vast and diverse country. Hence, it is safe to conclude that many challenges await AHO despite all the advancements and achievements.

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