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Alepp Platforms:On a mission to empower youths in an entrepreneurial way 



‘’India is not deficient of opportunities, but it’s deficient of skills and will to do something extraordinary,’’ Just as an ordinary kid born and brought up in the small town of Akola Maharashtra Shubham Wankhade founder and director at Alepp platform PVT ltd having an inspirational journey. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, the Son of a Tanker driver, the Late Mr Baburao Wankhade, always wanted to do extraordinary. From the initial days of his education, he was highly inspired by the books he read during his early education. Later in his carrier, he chose a path of entrepreneurship and became a digital business owner, public speaker and trainer who delivered many sessions and training. Where he interacted with thousands of young minds, he discovered significant problems: aspiring entrepreneurs from small towns couldn’t compete with fast-growing entrepreneurs just because of resources and guidance. Shubham started his first venture in his first year of college. Where building a Startup was a big deal, lack of guidance, lack of services, high pricing for the newbies for services, no legal support, lack of funds and many related problems. Later on, with experience in sales, marketing, and leadership, He started conducting training sessions till now conducted more than hundreds of sessions across the nation, where he found out that the ‘’biggest problem in our nation is youngsters wants to be in business, but there is no specific way of doing, many people afraid of starting up just because of fear of failure and fear of society and lack of motivation to get started’’ Mr Shubham added further that biggest problem while starting Startup Business -Don’t know How and where to Start? -Different services at different places -No proper Guidance and Education -Lack of resources -Lack of funds, and many more factors. Then he and his teammates Abhisa Kesharwani, Aamir Khan, and Divesh Wankhade started working on solving this problem of Unskilled entrepreneurs, resources issues, quality works, network, hiring, legal, finance and all. While starting any business, every individual has to go through different phases where energy and money are wasted because of no proper knowledge! They devised a solution by creating a one-stop platform called Alepp Platforms, dedicated to providing all the essentials required to turn any idea into a startup business. App Platform provides -Business Education -Business Consultation -Business Services -Business Training Alepp platforms provide startup guide program where everything can be learned through a hybrid learning model about startups business. Alepp also provides all the startups with services in one place, all the way from Brand Creation to Marketing from legal to fundraising, along with super structured and strategic training for all the entrepreneurs on running and growing a successful business. Alepp Platforms provides all the essential end-to-end business services required to survive and scale in this fast-growing digital era. He further quoted, “ What is the point of being alive ? if you haven’t tried something remarkable in your life.” With a mission and vision to empower entrepreneurs, Mr Shubham and his team are working relentlessly to provide a world-class platform to entrepreneurs, especially from a small town that always lacked resources and platforms. Alepp Platform is appealing to youths carrying business ideas to come and be part of Alepp Platform to turn their idea into a startup business. Alepp Platform’s goal is to create more successful startup business owners to create a meaningful impact on society. Most of the problems in society can be solved by creating self-reliant and independent individuals who can provide employment and education through their enterprises. Alepp Platforms currently serves many local and international clients through their services. We appreciate youngsters who want to make a difference in society by empowering them.

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