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Amrita has her own time when she finds herself as Artist, Teacher ,Entrepreneur and Curator



Question 1- Can you please tell us about your collaboration with ArtLife Gallery, Noida?

As you are planning to open your new branch in Noida! – Well, yes we are planning to open a branch in Noida. We are very glad and grateful to ArtLife Gallery and the owners Pratibha Agarwal and Priti Bajaj for this opportunity. Opening a branch in any city comes when you have some sort of support. We will be appointing an Instructor/Mentor/Guide for the learners who will be enrolling to our Kreative Minds Art & Craft classes. This appointment will be done from Kreative Minds side. ArtLife Gallery is generous enough to provide us with the space and all maintenance requirements. We are getting into collaboration with them. Hence it is called Kreative Minds in Collaboration with ArtLife Gallery.

Question-2. Please tell us about your next offline show? –

Our next Esthetique 2022 – Ch 3 will be in October 2022 in Bangalore. In this we are inviting not only visual artists (fine arts) but also Folk Artists, Sculpture experts. The details of this will be shared with all by the end of July or 1st week of August.

  1. In your convenience which is better or more comfortable? Amrita as a Curator/As an Artist /As an Art Teacher? –

Oh well….. a question which I often thought no one should ask. . It is difficult to separate these from each other, as they go hand in hand. But let’s say if I have to choose one, then it totally depends on the emotional status during the day and night that an artist f=goes through. In My Time preference is Amrita as an Artist. When I am teaching or not teaching (on off days or workshops or exhibition days) then it is always Amrita as an Art Teacher. Amrita as a Curator is someone who is always living in the mind and constantly working. So no choice there.

4.As an artist Which medium(s) do you use and what are your preferences? –

I always prefer using Watercolours. That’s my go to medium. This is a medium which gives you a challenge in every artwork and that’s what motivates me to work with watercolours. This is a medium, where experiments are unlimited, a medium with which one can play around as much as they want. My second choice is Charcoal – pencils, sticks, willow, dust, any and all kinds of charcoal. In fact, I often mix the 2 mediums and create my artwork. The magical beauty that can be created and achieved by these 2 mediums is just AMAZING in my words. Watercolor medium throws challenges in ways where we learn from the experience. All cannot be taught or learnt in a classroom. Somethings are left to be learnt on your own and that’s what the medium is for

5.As a young entrepreneur what message you are going to give to the young generation whom you also want to be like you? –

First and foremost, Don’t be afraid to follow your dream. If you believe in it and in yourself, then go for it. Take the leap of faith. Unless you believe in your idea and yourself, no one else will. Second, don’t just start. Plan out, figure it out (sketch it in your mind), have the road map ready for at least 1st 3 years then begin. Third, face the challenges and don’t be afraid of failing or falling as that’s the best teacher.

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