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Ankit Shaw Considered as the Best Anchor choice for National Level beauty Pageants.



Beauty Pageants shows are highly prestigious and requires professional skills to handle the stage with utmost honesty and wit. It requires tremendous talent to present among the elite audience they observe every minute details. Presently Ankit Shaw is considered one such talent of India who has hosted many National level beauty pageants and some of them he made an International record too.

Ankit Shaw a professional Anchor of Kolkata West Bengal who understands beauty pageants more than anybody he’s accustomed with the pageant rounds and sessions. Today Ankit is considered as the top choice in India and specially in Kolkata as the Host of beauty contest. Ankit himself in his past participated in pageants and won too namely in Mr & Ms Bengal International 2018 (Top 5) , IGlam Rubaru Mr India Face of West Bengal 2020.

While in conversation with Ankit he said “ I’ve closely watched the Modeling industry specially the beauty pageants. There is so much to learn and teach in the world, every years thousands of beauty pageants occur and I’m glad that talents are discovered and given due respect. Today I get offers from different beauty pageants organisers from Kolkata also from different states and chose very carefully which event to be a part of. I hugely do homework like minute to minute as of which round comes after, because it’s not just stick to this there are many things to take care like Calling out and thanking sponsors, welcoming and respecting the chief guests, declaring the subtitle and title winners, interactions with audience and many more. Well I’m glad the media houses tv channels and newspapers gives so much love and respect to me everytime we meet in person or if I’m hosting the event. “