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ANYO MUSIC: The new era of professional audio mixing and mastering.



ANYO MUSIC is a revolutionary initiative taken by an Indian Artist to support good music by providing top-notch mixing and mastering services. The audio engineers involved have all been nominated for awards and are gold medalists/certified. Also reported, they don’t constrict your creativity by limiting the number of stems they will mix and master for you. Unlike other music production company, the mixing and mastering services provided by ANYO for the number of stem files are unlimited and hence, there is no boundary for your creativity. 

ANYO provides excellent and outstanding deliveries with the help of top-grade tools and techniques. It is done through Equalizer (EQ) Level Balancing Stereo Panning Multiband Compression Reverb, Delay & other effects. Saturation and Side Chain Parallel Compression is also used (when required) for giving you the best delivery. For Mastering, we use Dynamic EQ Multiband Compression Saturation, Stereo widening with MS Processing Matching the master loudness to industry/ Streaming services’ parameter. Along with the superior skills and experiences of the reputed audio engineers ANYO uses a combination of analog and digital tools to give you the best deliveries. We use Solid State Logic – Ultraviolet EQ Trident 80B EQs Warm Audio Bus Compressor Pro Tools 2021 Avid S1 Universal Audio 1176s Audio scape LA2As Heritage Audio 1073 EQs TCE Electronic M1 XL Reverb Yamaha REV7 Lexicon MX200 Antares Auto Tune Fab Filter plugin suit Waves plugins Soothe2 Neural DSP and BIAS Amp sims and much, much more.

Even though ANYO believes that giving a 100% customer satisfactory detailed work takes a lot of efforts and time, it also promises and provides the satisfactory customer service in regard to value of time too. You’ll get a professionally mixed and mastered radio ready track in 24-bit WAV and 320kbps mp3 format. And guess what?  Your track will be delivered to your email within 7 business days. 

ANYO also plans to provide detailed music promotional packages and marketing services to promising artists in the future. But for now, they are sticking to mixing/mastering as their prime audio service. From the comfort of their home, the artist can connect with ANYO and turn their aspiring compositions into a commercial/radio ready professional tracks at affordable rates. The company started initially at 2020 and since then they are delivering music tracks to massive labels and artists. If you are looking for a trusted, reputed audio service then email them at and you won’t regret it. 

Their website is operational and in their Instagram page they have started to post infographics for aspiring music producers, composers and sound engineers. It’s helpful for those who want their music to sound full and crisp. ANYO respects and invites musical creation of all genres. They are strictly against any incomplete work and hence strive for the ‘perfect-art.’

Finally, this is what the founder of ANYO has to say, “I believe in making quality over quantity and we promise to keep your songs away from sounding generic.” 



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