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Artisans Next: Making a change in the society!



The contemporary art scene has been exhilarating and stimulating for a very long time. Art has moved beyond its traditional forms and has emerged into something more insightful and flexible than before allowing artists to experiment with different techniques and ways that will enable them to drive new trends in the industry. Many people continue to value arts because of its relevance to our capacity for self-expression which also means it is essential to understand the uplifting truths about humanity. 

Many artists have a true passion for making their own communities a better place to live through their artwork. Artists are some of the most passionate people youll ever meet. No one ever regrets being more supportive of artists because artists and artisans make the community function a lot more better with them being around. We believe that cultural projects are simply not a matter of luxury. Still, they play a fundamental role in reviving the fortunes and boosting the prospects of disadvantaged communities and individual artists.

Artisans next, a Rajasthan based setup aims to support local artists to help create an impression through their works. The Initiative was taken to support the livelihood of local artists which was negatively affected during the pandemic. It also envisions to create both online and offline platforms to help artists monetize their valuable skills covering all forms of art from blue pottery, local handicrafts, paintings, folk music, instruments, jewellery, Mehendi art etc.

In line with the mission to support artists, In July 2021 a series of online events referred to as ‘Dharohar’ was introduced to alleviate the stress of artists and artisans during the pandemic. It consisted of 30 participants from various art forms who were judged by panels from different fields. A total of 5 finalists were selected and were sent to the final round who also got a chance to interact with Athar Ansari, the co-founder of Artisans Next. The event turned out to be a great success, and the response motivated the team to continue with the series to promote the beneficiaries.

During an interaction with the co-founder of Artisans Next, Athar Ansari said that Artisans and Artists need to be promoted for their skills and efforts. He feels that there are strong chances of people getting the right product and art through making people aware of art and products. “We are in discussions with the individuals to have exclusive tie-ups with us to promote their products. Art is something that genuinely nurtures the human spirit. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to create art. It brings together people from all different backgrounds under one common factor. So its time we give back to society and support them!”

Artisans Next will soon have its roots in Lagos, Canada and Dubai. 

They are planning to develop their own stores in Metros and some planned cities to ensure product reach to mass and by the end of 2022 to have franchisees in South and Central India based. Artisans next is available on Instagram and other social media platforms.