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Aspire Trips: Brainchild of 18 Year Old Lovender Singh 



Aspire Trips is a travel agency. What makes aspire trips unique is that they not only provide travel services but also provide branding services for their clients. Entrepreneurship comes with significant risk, and one cannot ignore the leverage part if one chooses to walk down this path. Early on, Lovender Singh’s interest escalated in starting something of his own, and it culminated in him starting his own company at the age of 18.

His journey was not an ordinary one. It was filled with the hardships that one encounters if they choose to walk down this path. But there were a lot of factors that played a role in his success. His dire determination to make things work and not take a step back was one thing. Starting a company at the age of 18 is not a common thing. At this age, most youths are unaware of the choices they want to pursue in the near future, but the case with him was different. He knew what he wanted his trajectory in life to be an entrepreneur, and for this, he gave it his all. 

His company: Aspire Trips offers a blend of services that include domestic as well as international travel packages. Of late, he’s providing his best services to Karwaan Resorts Jaisalmer. Nor did he have any knowledge of or connections with the business world, belonging purely from a non-entrepreneurial background. His family had no nexus to the business world. They came either from defence backgrounds or were in the government service sector. Lovender is a self-built and self-taught first-generation entrepreneur. He learnt from people’s experiences and taught himself every nook and crook of business. His business initially did not escalate much, but when it did, there was no stopping it. His sheer courage to make it work got him to where he is now.

It all began in 2017 when he found a poster on social media where he came to know that a tour was being organised by a travel company, so he jumped in and joined the trip. He recalls the experience, “That was my first solo trip with a group of some strangers, and there I realised my passion about travelling, exploring, meeting new people, making moments with unknown beautiful creatures.”

When he was asked what his motivation is and what keeps him going, he says, “Ive always believed that humans are the most beautiful assets and every person deserves the best. My motivation is the contentment I get when I see the happy faces of my clients after serving a great service to my customers. I feel joy after getting satisfied reviews from our customers about the services of our company and the happy moments they create through our services.”

Every now and then, start-ups rise and fall, but very few make it through. So, clearly, the risk factor associated with a start-up is supposedly very high, compensating for the high benefits as well. And taking this risk at the age of 18 requires the utmost courage. On paper, starting a company sounds pretty easy, but the backend work is equally challenging. He often describes how tough it was for him to go through all the ups and downs. Lovender says, “At the early age of 18 is itself an achievement for me and doing a good business in India.” 

Obstacles are part of life. You just have to find a way to get through them rather than choose to not encounter them. This is one quality that one can imbibe from him. Coming from a family where he had no one to back him in that field was one hell of a thing. And starting at the age of 18 is in itself an achievement to ponder. He has taught himself everything and carried out every task on his own. He played different roles, from owner to operational manager, and knew what to do to make it run. He has also described how he kept his calm through rough days and just got through them all. He says, “Just keep all your belief reserved for yourself, and youll reach where you want to.” Also, he has not kept himself limited to only providing travel packages for domestic and international travel; he provides excellent branding services too. 

This company is offering tour services that include various packages for different destinations at very affordable prices. Aspire Trips offers a complete solution to all travel requirements, and the best part about them is their customer service assistance. Their excellent professionals are always ready to assist customers and provide their clients with the best services, recommending them packages and places according to their needs. Handling every query with patience and providing apt and appropriate suggestions making sure customers have an unmatched experience with Aspire Trips. 

He also provides attention to how he films his life through vlogs—sharing his experience via videos on various social media platforms. By sharing his travel experiences, he is loved by his followers, and they continuously wait for the posts and videos. 

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