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Attention all the all freaks – AAOMI has India’s 1st black wheat & stevia cookies, say yes to munching!!



Aaomi Private limited organized a launching event On Sunday, June 12, 2022 at Shuryagarh Resort Udaipur. Airport Director Nandita Bhutt and Siana Capital CEO Archana Hingorani also attended the event and launched Aaomi’s healthy cookies made with Black wheat and stevia.

The founder of Aaomi Mr. Kamal Hinger introduced the six flavors of the cookies. He also explained the importance of the healthiness and taste of the cookies at Aaomi. 

In a country like India where we love to eat, be it fried or packed with sugar. It is not easy to introduce a lifestyle with healthy cookies with black wheat in them if it is not tasty. 

People are turning more towards a healthy lifestyle, like exercising, eating sugar-free or gluten-free, and so on.  Gluten-free is a relatively new term to talk about in India and there are not a lot of products available in the market serving the issue.

Even after all these hurdles, Mr. Kamal was able to introduce cookies that are good for health as well as taste delicious.  Eating gluten-free or sugar-free is good for health even if you do not have any dietary restrictions. Aaomi cookies are much healthier and more nutritious if compared to similar products in the market. It is gluten-free and has a much higher fiber content. Because of the presence of black wheat, it is rich in antioxidants as well.

They started working on the cookies in 2017 and today they have been certified by the best labs in India. Aaomi’s cookies do not consist of gluten and sugar, instead, they use black wheat and stevia. These simple substitutions can go a long way as they are for everyone even if you suffer from diabetes and Gluten intolerance.

Stevia is a safe and healthy sugar without the negative health effects. It also has several impressive health benefits like reducing calorie intake, blood sugar levels, and risk of cavities

Black Wheat is a nutrient and eating it also increases the body’s immunity. It has antioxidants, B vitamins, potassium, fiber, and amino acids.

At the event, Mr. Kamal also explained that they are right now focusing on marketing in the B to B (Business to business) and B to C (Business to consumer) sectors. He hopes to expand Aaomi in all of North India in the next six months. 

They have introduced six flavors of cookies – Almond Joy Cookies, Apple Cinnamon Cookies, Sesame Cookies, Ginger Cookies, and Carrot Cookies. These products are available at Amazon and many departmental Grocery stores 

At this event many other special guests Nirmal Sanghvi, Director Presha Hinger, G.D. Choudhary, and Sachin Pangariya. Aaomi core team members Khushbu, Palash, Aashish, Kushal, Tanishka, and many other local vendors and distributors also attended the event.

The wide range of the product gives you a variety to choose from. Aaomi is trying to create a guilt-free atmosphere for people who want to eat cookies but cannot because of health reasons.  You can buy Aaomi’s products from AAOMI.IN, Amazon, Bigbasket, Flipkart, and Jiomart.

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