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BaalikaVidya Women’s day special with Gurleen Chandhok



On this special day of women’s day, I would like to share special news with everyone. I have been conferred with Centurion woman of the year 2021-22 by ProjectBaalikavidya. 

Thanks to everyone….

I believe today’s girl children are tomorrow women who lead the nation. So, I firmly believe educating girl children will progress nation. I took an oath to support girl children’s education and adopted a few girls’ education by bringing them the Ray of hope in life. 

Coming to my life story 

I am Gurleen Chandhok. I started my career in the HR field and, after completing the corporate job for 3.5yrs, due to health issues, had to take a break. After years, I started my own business as a wholesaler and stockist in apparel, running my brand Pareen Creations, for the last 6.5 years. I am working with a chain of female resellers across India. Pareen Creations believes in women’s empowerment. It has guided many females on how to start an online business without investments. The guidance is provided free of cost as the only motive is that more and more females are self-independent and can achieve their desires or at least their basic needs. Along with this, I am a Healer also. I learnt Tarot and Reiki for my personal use, but later the inclination towards modalities went so deep that I did the professional courses. While learning the modalities, I realised there are many females who need help but are not lucky enough to pay high fees to learn them and help themselves. I used the money that I earned from my clothing business for my learnings in various healing modalities. 

I am a Tarot card reader, a Numerologist (Chaldean, Lo Shu, Vedic, Pythagorean), Grand Master Reiki Healer, Grand Master Karuna Reiki, Grand Master Imara Reiki, Elemental Reiki, Seikhim Reiki, Violet Flame Reik, Angelic Healings, Akashic Record Reader and many various modalities. We try to help people by giving readings at very nominal charges, and if anybody shows interest to learn these modalities, the courses are provided at very nominal charges. We run a WhatsApp group for healing where every day free Reiki healings are sent to group members, and other spiritual knowledge is shared that too free of cost. It gives a lot of happiness inside when we spread outside.

I believe in women’s empowerment, as I mentioned earlier, so I always keep supporting organisations that work on the same prospects. We should all support each other. Hurdles come in everyone’s life. I also faced it. But my willpower to move ahead in life and do something gave me the motivation to achieve that level I am at today. I request all females to understand your calibre and be independent.

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