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Back Road Studios – A Promising and Lucrative Audio Digital Distribution Studio



The success of stars, celebrities, movies, songs, and any form of entertainment goes beyond performance and skill alone. Pillared on the passion, talents, and proficiency of those working behind the scenes, the entertainment industry thrives on the efforts of dedicated artists who work tirelessly to make a movie or song a grand success. One such artist is Dwaipayan Singha who spent his teenage years dreaming about making a niche in the field of music as a mixing and mastering engineer.

Where and How Did it All Begin?

Kick starting at an early age, Dwaipayan Singha began his career as an assistant recording engineer for multiple studios in Kolkata. When he mastered and polished his skills and the industry’s know-how with time, he established his own bedroom studio called Suspicious Records India, that grew to become one of the most efficient audio-video digital distribution and marketing service networks. It is from here that he began arranging and editing music for various musicians and artists.

After a decade’s experience working as a session engineer and freelancing for musicians, Dwaipayan relocated to Bangalore and launched his own studio in 2017. His brain-child and current music production house – Back Road Studios (located in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore), reflects his passion and love for what he does.

As a tech savant and music engineering enthusiast, Dwaipayan has furnished this atelier with state-of-the-art equipment, avant-garde techno-gadgets, and everything else needed to produce and mix the finest tracks and productions for his clients, while the acoustics are handled by his network team in a Chennai-based company.

Dwaipayan’s full-fledged audio engineering deliveries conceptualize and spring from this Bangalore-based Back Road Studios. It is from here that he also runs a production house and delivers excellent audio digital distribution services.

Today, Back Road Studios is one of the fastest growing, lucrative, and most efficient audio distributing centres in South India. Standing on par with the industry’s ever-rising demands and growth, Back Road Studios is a becoming a well-recognized digital distribution establishment that caters not just to the needs of famed music artists and film makers, but also serves as the perfect platform, fulfilling the aspirations of upcoming and desiring artists.

With digital distribution taking the centre stage in the entertainment industry, Back Road Studios stands dedicated and committed to adding on to the industry’s advancements and requisites.

Currently it serves as a complete mixing engineering source, serving renowned artists, musicians, and singers from across the country. This digital distribution hub has churned out over 200 singles, advertisements, albums, jingle compositions, and various other productions in over seven languages.

Furthermore, Back Road Studios is being recognized for its excellence in digital marketing and promotional services, and has successfully completed branding for over 100 promotions. The studio along with its creator boasts of distributing over one thousand audio productions every year for all kinds of artists, musicians, movies, and more.

What Lies Ahead? As part of his present and future projects, Dwaipayan has signed two Kannada feature films as a music director, and is also expanding his forte, distributing movies across OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar, MX Player, and more.

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