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In today’s age, every opinion is a choice and every decision is as important as making your vote. Your vote matters just as your voice does. Voting forms, a large part of making different policies and policy changes. If you don’t get to have a say in decisions, you’re losing your right to representation and uniformity in decision-making. Voting has many parameters that keep you from speaking your mind. Sometimes it is not being physically present at the place/venue to vote at other times it is discrepancies in the votes that have been cast. Aman Rishu identifies those issues and decided to rectify that with BallotNow. It is a revolutionary way of voting that is superior to the more obsolete methods and eliminates major challenges faced by voters and the voting system/process such as Physical Voting, Influenced decisions, Election Transparency, budget constraints, etc.

Mr. Aman Rishu had set out on this journey in late 2018 when he became a temporary migrant, he had faced a situation wherein he had missed his right to vote because he wasn’t able to be physically present to cast his vote. There he saw a potential Problem faced by mass. He did not want anyone else to face the same challenge as he did. Having faith in his idea he even went ahead and pitched it on the first season of Shark Tank India and went on to become one of the finalists.

There is a good reason behind this why Team BallotNow, Mr. Aman Rishu & Mr. Vishal Rustagi built the Next Generation Voting System that combines intelligence, advanced technologies, configurations, and high-level security to ensure unbiased and transparent voting. Therefore, eliminates the need for physically present, complex election management bodies thus saving precious time and money. As per the founders, BallotNow Intelligent Voting System(  ) will allow voters to vote with their smartphones regardless of their geographical location, instead of voting on intuition or being influenced by multiple factors such as friends, family, or fake news; IVS allows you to execute your right to vote based on the facts & data points like policies launched, future plans, and people’s points of view. And above all online election is predicted to save up to 34% of the total election management cost in long run. It will also maximize the total voter turnout.

When Mr. Aman was asked questions about the authenticity & security of the system, he replied,

“BallotNow assists people to make informed and data-driven decisions.

We have created a system using unique algorithms for fraud detection & to identify voters, once the voter identity matches in our system then only the voter’s vote is counted and if the identity does not match in the system then the vote is subject to fraud analysis. The whole system is made using advanced technologies such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing. Security is our major concern & we do take it seriously.”

Some of the well-recognized institutions have already given a chance to BallotNow and are satisfied with its service. BallotNow has already managed Voting & Survey for Rotary International, NGOs, Delhi University Student Union Election, IP University, Bihar Assembly Election 2020, Punjab Assembly Election 2022, and Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022.

BallotNow has been awarded by many esteems Institutions for their revolutionary idea such as IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, FMS, Delhi University, JIMS IP University, StartUpIndia, Shark Tank India and the list goes on.

Turn over a new leaf of technology and mark a new way of having your voice heard, making your opinion count, and being part of decision-making. “Either you are a leader or you revolve around one” believes the founder of BallotNow Aman Rishu.

Become a leader today and a decision-taker and use your rights to share your opinion on all matters of importance. In the truest democratic sense, BallotNow helps you cast your vote, make your voice heard, and have a say in how things are around you. Take charge of your vote and make it count! It’s time for a change in the voting system and we are here for it. Ready for change, ready for a revolution!

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How does BallotNow work?  This video will give you a clear picture of how BallotNow works.

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