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Belief shapes our lives



Our reality is a reflection of 

our strongest belief.

The best part of life is that what we give,

we also receive.

  • I am too old to start it.
  • Nobody loves me because I am not worthy.
  • Everybody gets what they want, but I don’t.

Do you feel this way?

#What we believe becomes the truth for ourselves.

Sometimes it happens to all of us. When we accept any belief without understanding it, it becomes part of our life. When someone says ‘you look very beautiful, we believe it. If someone says ‘you are not worthy’, we believe it.

  • Beliefs are the glasses through which we see the whole world and everything around us.
  • Belief is an emotional feeling to which we are connected and consider it as our universal truth.

It is a feeling to be sure that something or somebody who exists is true.

Example: Faith in God is a belief.

  • Sometimes we believe that something is not going to happen in our lives. These beliefs restrict our thoughts from going in a particular direction. Some people think and believe they can’t change their lives and spend their whole lives with this belief. Thus they can’t achieve success in their life or change it.
  • A person can have beliefs depending on some probabilities, some experiences and some faith and acceptance of social and cultural conditions.
  • When someone around us says something about us without comprehending its essence, we take it too seriously, and after some time, it becomes our truth.

If you change your beliefs first,

     changing actions becomes easier. 

I remember that some years ago, a good friend of mine said something about my minor health problem: ‘This is going to be a major problem in your future.’ I believed it and continuously repeated it in my mind for many years. After some time, I noticed that it turned into a big problem because of the belief that I formed at that time due to my lack of knowledge.

Change your perspective to acquire a positive belief system, succeed in your life with that belief and change your future. I was also imprisoned by a belief system and spent many years of my life sticking to it. But, I decided to introspect and start focussing on the positive aspects of life and the journey of prosperous people—their positive beliefs and living their dream life.

Gradually, I realised that if I could change my belief, I can change my life. Many successful people also faced challenges in life and still managed to achieve great things in life.

#Some Beliefs that Make Our Lives Easy:

1. Mistakes are our great teachers.

2. Failure is a learning step in our life.

3. I am enough.

4. There is always a way to do something; we only have to find it.

5. I can start from anywhere.

6. We have to come out of our comfort zones to be successful.

7. We have to face our fears and conquer our limiting beliefs.

#If you believe you can change your future, you can surely. You only have to change your belief by questioning whether it is true or not.

#How to Change Your Belief?

1. Find out the core area where you want to change your belief. What area of life and belief has the most impact on your life?

2. Discover the reason why you want to change your belief. Think about your childhood or past and what you picked up from your surroundings. What impacted your mind so deeply that you are continuously repeating it?

3. Question your belief. Your conscious mind will find many ways not to change your belief, but you have to find strong evidence to change it. You have to figure out: How has holding on to this belief impacted your life?

4. Create a positive, new belief and start visualising your life with it. Start repeating this new belief, and slowly you will acquire it and will be able to change your life. How will your life be when you accept this new belief?

Always remember:

You are stronger than any belief system.


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