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BOLT: World’s first 100% whey protein with composition benefits of Phycocyanin



“The BOLT promises that their pioneering phycocyanin based formulations significantly enhances your anaerobic and athletic performance ensuring better workouts and quicker muscles recovery”

Everybody is on a fitness journey and build muscle and whey protein is the key that helps you even recover after a workout. Whey protein is usually consumed as a nutrition supplement for strength of the muscle and as per the scientific study it has numerous health benefits too. Whey protein is widely recognized amongst the bodybuilders and athletes. Whey protein can also help you to track the result of the exercise you do when you hit the gym. Likewise, Phycocyanin is also nutrient rich protein. Synthesized by blue-green microalgae known popularly as Spirulina, Phycocyanin is a pigment-protein complex. It has well-known antioxidative properties, and functions as a great immunity booster.

Phycocyanin has been discovered to have ton of benefits in health as it is the most dominant component in Spirulina. It is scientifically proven that phycocyanin may have anticancer properties and Spirulina affects the occurrence of Oral Cancer. Phycocyanin is also known for its high concentration in minerals and proteins and a high content of amino acids. It also comprises the capacity to fight asthma and this makes it a very special compound. It also reduces the effects of allergic reactions and inhibits inflammation besides having a positive effect on anemia control. Considering the plethora of benefits of whey protein and phycocyanin, BOLT has brought revolutionary protein powder blends ‘BOLT 100% whey protein super charged with phycocyanin (25 mg preserving)’.

‘Bolt Whey Protein’ contains 100% USA made Whey Protein Concentrate with a composition of more than 80% pure protein. All the nutraceutical products of BOLT are developed with Super food top notch Ingredient from the Sea – Phycocyanin. The team at BOLT comprises of the expertise with rich experience from the sectors of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. They spared no effort in bringing a revolutionary protein powder blends with a mission to empower fitness enthusiasts with everything they require to be the healthiest and fittest selves. Besides, it is also beneficial in terms of protection from chronic condition that supplements the body’s overall function.

‘BOLT 100% whey protein’ comes with two flavors that include Piedmont Chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla which are gluten free and sugar free. It comes with Clinically Tested Formulation with strict quality control that makes it the best immunity and stamina booster no matter your workout goals. It supports not only building but maintenance of muscle mass. It is not only a world-class protein powder but provides you with a protein boost whenever needed that keeps you fuller for longer and improve body composition at an affordable price range.

The team at BOLT believes fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income or access to a gym. With hundreds of professional workouts, healthy recipes and informative articles, as well as one of the most positive communities on the web, you’ll have everything you need to reach your personal fitness goals by subscribing Bolt Plus( at a special rate just because you have become a part of the Bolt Team! Bolt plus gives you Fitness tips on whatsaap, customized diet chart, Customized workout plans and Reward points.

Normal protein can cause indigestion and may become a blocker in your hard work and at times it may also make you feel uncomfortable and bloated. If you feel your body is not able to absorb enough protein, you need not to worry as BOLT 100 % Whey protein is here with a focus towards your fitness and workout goals super charged with phycocyanin. So whether you are a beginner in your fitness journey or at it for several years everybody can benefit from ‘BOLT 100 % Whey protein super charged with phycocyanin’

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