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Book Review – “Alive in You” By Ms. Priya Paul



Today many writers make their debut, but only a few of them pass the test. It is indeed a rigorous process. Writing a book is a long and dedicated effort to give the world some beautiful imaginations. One of these writers is Ms. Priya Paul, the author of “Alive In You.” This book was written in the current pandemic, which has left so many people feeling anxious about the future. But Ms. Priya took this opportunity to author a book, which she has been trying to do for so long.

Writing, for Ms. Priya, is a mindful activity that brings peace into her life, keeps her positive, and finds solace in writing. At ease, she can unravel her thoughts and imagine beautiful things. These feelings and characteristics can be found in her writing as well. A certain calmness can be found in the story, but the excitement never ends.
The book is a romantic story but not in a cliched way. We have all read about broken hearts and how they eventually heal at the end in books. But this narrative is slightly different from them. In the book, love has been defined as requiring forgiveness, sacrifice, giving, and much more. The main characters, Chetna and Brian, are portrayed beautifully.
Chetna is portrayed as a strong and independent girl with picture-perfect beauty. She has been fantastic since she met Brian. He is the love of her life; he is caring and is gifted with gorgeous features. Both are in love with each other, but a story isn’t exciting enough until there is a twist. All is going well until Chetna learns about Brian’s past, which infuriates her, and she decides to leave him. When Chetna learns the truth about her history from her uncle, who is dying, things take a turn. The plot then shifts to a path of acceptance, forgiveness, and self-discovery.
The story is about an emotional bond between a mother & daughter.The way this relationship is narrated is definitive evidence of Ms. Priya’s writing skills. As every writer has their style, Ms. Priya has found her own. Her writing style is easy to comprehend, people of all ages will enjoy this fantastic story. It will take them through an emotional rollercoaster.
Readers won’t be able to take their eyes off this heart-wrenching book. Specifically when Rukhsar’s stories progress. Even the ending gives all the readers a lesson to incorporate into their lives. All characters are woven into an emotional web, and in the end, it all makes sense.
The sincerity of the author is particularly impressive. The way she raised so many social issues women are subjected to and cleverly draws out the agony they go through without being so harsh is a characteristic of a good author. All the messages were delivered appropriately by the author. Without stretching the story unnecessarily, she covered all the aspects of each relationship between the characters.
These fictional characters felt alive while reading it because of the complicated emotions she wrote in the book. An excellent, heartfelt narrative that will help you realize the meaning of your existence. The story made us understand that morality is still alive and flourishing in everyone; it’s simply a question of belief or disbelief. Every character in this narrative is essential, whether the central protagonist, Brian Chetna, or someone else like Rukhsaar.
Overall, the story’s theme is terrific, and the author’s ability to convey such lovely things wowed us. There are several instances of pain, transformations, and transitions in the narrative to become a better person. We have all heard of books on a similar theme – evolving into a better human. Yet, there are only a few novels that we’re able to appeal to the audience. “Alive In You” is among those books.
The journey of writing this book has let Ms. Priya evolve as a person, she stated in an interview. She further suggested that this book has made her realize that she has some great talents that were useful in authoring her debut, like clarity of thoughts and discipline. These traits allowed her to give a beautiful story with a touch of reality.
We highly recommend this book to all the people reading this post. You will not regret it. The detailed and comprehensive yet easy writing style of this book is in itself a reason to grab the novel and start reading.
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