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Energize Your Workplace: Vastu Shastra for Balance & Success



The whole universe is made up of five elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space) and everything in the universe is energy. Vastu is a divine science that combines all the five elements and maintains equilibrium in the cosmos by keeping them all in unison. This unification of the five elements is the fundamental idea of understanding Vastu Shastra.

Finance is the heart and soul of every business, making it essential to set up an office based on the principles prescribed by the cosmic science of Vastu Shastra. Any business that has positive people and a positive environment, nourishes. A Vastu-compliant office can help nurture a strong harmonious bond among workers in the office based on mutual respect and trust.

Vastu consultants highly recommend that the principles of Vastu Shastra should be followed from the construction phase itself. But building and setting up an office space again is a tiresome and expensive task. So what should be done if office space is already built but not according to Vastu guidelines? Following some remedies will not only wipe out Vastu Doshas but also build a fruitful work environment.

Let’s delve deeper and discuss some of the golden rules listed by Swate Rohatge that can bring good fortune and prosperity to the workplace.

Prosperity at Work

  • As per the Vastu Shastra, it is highly beneficial to have an office in public place rather than in a standalone place. The office should be set in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the crowd. An office building should ideally be surrounded by running roads as it will help you attract success and prosperity.
  • Entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east or north-east direction as these directions are considered to bring good luck and positive vibes. East is the direction of the rising Sun, making it conducive for financial growth.
  • To ensure proactiveness, people who are engaged in marketing and sales should sit in the north-west direction in such a manner that their tables or desks must face the north-east direction.
  • Business owners should occupy a cabin in the western part of the office. They should face the north-east direction as it helps enhance leadership skills and invites positivity & opportunity options.
  • Vastu directions conducive to financial abundance are north and north-east. The northern direction is governed by Lord Kubera, the deity of wealth and prosperity. The north-east direction is the zone of Lord Chandra or Soma and this divine direction has the ruling element water. You can place Kuber Yantra in the north zone of your office to ensure good financial health.

Shape of Your Desk

  • Avoid piling up of finished goods (for product manufacturers) in front of the office desk, in the north-east zone, as it creates obstacles. The north-west direction is considered the best for the placement of finished goods.
  • All your critical financial documents must be kept in the south-west corner of the office, facing north or north-east.
  • The reception area of the office creates a lasting impression for first-time visitors. Therefore, placing a bouquet of French lavender flowers or green jade flowers on the reception desk will create a positive atmosphere, thereby attracting prosperity. You can also place a four-leaf clover plant at the entrance of the office as it brings you good fortune.
  • Entrepreneurs must ensure that their table or desk is rectangular or square shaped, and made from high-quality wood. An L-shaped or irregularly shaped desk is inauspicious and creates confusion, depression, and detachment from work.

Building Energy Abundance at Work

  • Office goers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen should not sleep at their desks as it may give birth to negative energy.
  • Keep the workstation clean and clutter-free to ensure you don’t block financial prosperity. Keep papers and books locked away. Sort out documents on the basis of their importance. Do not let unnecessary documents pile up on your desk. Also, wrecked and damaged stationery should be discarded to remove hurdles to financial abundance.
  • Employees must ensure that their backs never face a door or entrance in their cubicles as it will prohibit them from seeing people enter.  If the location of the door faces your back, it will attract negative energies, and eventually, it will attract the conspirators that can hinder your business growth.

Apart from these, there are more Vastu tips that must be followed to pave the way for prosperity and positivity at work.

Connect with Swate Rohatge and infuse your workplace with positivity, encouragement, divine blessings, and profits.

(This article is written by Himani Agrawal who is a content writing professional.)

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