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“British Learning wins International Global Award for Distance Learning Excellence”



British Learning was awarded the prestigious “Global Education Award 2022” for its Excellence in Distance Learning Education at a glittering ceremony to Felicitate outstanding players in the field of education.

Mr Ranjit Bijoor, who heads the All India Operations of British Learning, accepted the award on behalf of the company. In his acceptance speech, Mr Ranjit Bijoor said, “It is a proud moment for me on behalf of British Learning to accept this prestigious award. This recognition means a lot to us and will definitely motivate our dedicated team of teachers” He further added, “British Learning is not just an education business for us, but a Social Mission where we can actually empower students in the remotest parts of the country and the World as such, through our advanced technology and top notch education. British Learning also caters to students in the most remote pockets of India and the World. Our Mobile App is so advanced that it downloads the training material only once and students can then work/ study even without Internet Connectivity. This is a blessing for students of certain African Countries and the remote rural areas of India and Nepal which have a patchy network We have seen numerous examples where students have done training programs costing well below the 100 USD mark ie. approx. 9000 Indian Rupees here, and in a time of 9 months to 1 year landed good jobs as teachers with handsome salaries. Little wonder why virtually 1 Lakh students from well above 20 + countries trust British Learning.”

Mr Bijoor then, on a nostalgic note, added, “I remember the touching example of a lady who worked as a sweeper in Mumbai. She was so poor that she virtually lived hand to mouth. She always had only one goal in life that her daughter should never follow  her footsteps. So she enrolled her daughter in a Teachers Training Program at British Learning. After completing her Diploma Course, her daughter got an excellent job as a Teacher in a well-known school in Mira Road close to Mumbai. British Learning caused a Socio-Economic Transformation in their lives. They now not only live a comfortable life now, but with her daughter now working as a teacher her neighbours, relatives and the Society as such gives their family a new level respect. He further added, “Such transformations do not come easy. They needs constant mentoring and hand-holding from British Learning’s dedicated teachers who support students. British Learning supports students 24×7 using simple tools like WhatsApp Video Calls, Zoom & Chats, and in the native language of the students. British Learning also supports numerous Social causes and has trained Tribal or Rural Women as a part of its Women Empowerment Initiatives. Recently British Learning took another initiative with Rotary whereby more than 200 teachers in Mumbai (INDIA) are being trained in Post Covid Child Psychology.”

British Learning, in the past 23 years, has transformed the lives of students across the globe. As a part of the prestigious London College of Learning (UK), British Learning has access to some of the finest training material in the World. Quality Approval from Brit Qualis gives the training of British Learning an extra edge. 

A recent training program in Nutrition has had a phenomenal response throughout the World especially the Middle East Countries. British Learning also trains students in Countries Like Zimbabwe, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, where good quality Top-Notch education is the need of the hour.

British Learning now understands that Hybrid Education will be the norm in the future and is therefore planning to set up over 100 Admission Centers across the World. These admission centres will eventually be converted into Hybrid Classroom Based Centers.

British Learning changes lives! 

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