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Buying Blue Tick Verification for Instagram, Facebook? Read this story of 36000/- Cyber Scam and think again



A cyber fraudster allegedly cheated a 34 year old engineer and social media enthusiast from Kanpur, UP after convincing him that he would get verified (blue tick badge) on his Instagram and Facebook.
The fraudster hails from Maharashtra and his number (which is now not in use) is 9145229162. He tricked the engineer into making two transactions of 24,000/- and 12,000/- respectively , thereby looting a total of 36,000/- and promised to deliver in 7-10 days. (May 2021)
When nothing happened in 7-10 days, the engineer asked the fraudster, who again made some excuses and asked for more time. This continued for 6+ months and then finally the fraudster blocked the engineer.
Vishal Uttam Rathod was the name of account linked with the Paytm QR code that was used for all the three transactions (total = 12000 + 24000 = 36000)

The engineer tried his best to contact the fraudster but the fraudster has now completely blocked the victim. 
The engineer is about to take legal action against the crime or file an FIR against the cyber fraudster.

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