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Central India’s most talented and sought out anchor: Emcee Manoj



What makes an event memorable? The people who host it! And when it comes to hosting an event, nobody does it better than Emcee Manoj, aka Manoj Kohale. He is the most vigorous, eloquent, and entertaining anchor I’ve ever seen. Emcee Manoj is often hailed as the most sought out and the most talented anchor in central India, and deservedly so. With more than 700 shows to his name, he has become an inspiration to the aspiring anchors in Nagpur. I’ve heard his fellow anchor calling him pride of the anchoring community.

He brings liveliness to the events and makes them memorable with his funny gigs and animated style. The moment he sets his foot on the stage, he binds the audience with his alluring aura.

Manoj has become the prime choice of his clients such as TOI, Reliance, Skoda, Federal Bank, and others for hosting events. Because of his sheer talent, he has made himself a name. Within a year in his career, he has already anchored some prestigious events like Mrs.India Globe and Speaks for India. He also often gets featured on the Republic Bharat Channel. Very often, he is found sharing space with celebrities.

Emcee Manoj has won quite a several accolades and has been honored by various organizations. During the year 2018, he won the title of Mr. Perfect. During the same year, he was awarded the title of the best anchor by the High-tech College of pharma. The following year he was bestowed with the title of Mr.Rhythmm 2019. But what explains such groundbreaking success?

Manoj often speaks about his humble beginning as an anchor. I remember him talking about how it all started in an event where he was invited as a guest of honor. In his college, he was presented with an opportunity to host an event, but when he came on the stage, Manoj found himself trembling and the fear of stage overtook him. So he got off without speaking anything. He couldn’t come at peace with himself after that night, and he realized that one could not let fear be the judge of his fate and one has to face his fear.

With a new flame ignited in him, he went on to host another show, and ever since, there has been no looking back. After he conquered his fear of anchoring, it became his passion and love, reflecting in his performance and partly explaining his success.

Another factor that explains his success is his engaging personality. Whenever you see him on stage, you know you are in for a treat because he doesn’t make it a one-person show; he makes the audience play along. He makes them laugh, he makes them cheer, but most importantly, he does not reduce them to mere spectators; he makes them a part of the gig. Manoj often says, ‘ if you want your audience to enjoy you have to enjoy yourself first. You can’t be dull and gloomy and expect your audience to have a good time; people don’t like a dead weight reading a script. They want someone interactive, and I suggest aspiring anchors interact with your audience as if you’re interacting with your friends but don’t get carried away.

Such a thought process has made Manoj one of a kind and a people’s person. After watching him perform in multiple events, I can confidently say that very few are as good as him in this domain; after all, there is a reason why aspiring anchors seek his counsel.

This pandemic has bought many things to a still, and showbiz was one of the industries that took a hard hit. Things were not looking great for the artists, but Emcee Manoj turned this into an opportunity by interviewing different celebrities, gathering him a considerable following.

With restrictions loosened, things have started to look promising again, and Manoj has been busy anchoring, traveling from city to city, spreading love, and giving people the best times of their lives.

When asked what the future has in store for him, he said, ‘Well, I can’t exactly say what it has got for me, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s splendid and unique. ‘

Very few can achieve what Manoj has, but he is always looking forward to making things even better, and with a vast ocean of opportunities in front of him, I’m sure he will because the show he hosts is resplendent and simply unique.

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