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We started off as a small cafe, with very basic intentions of serving mouthwatering, tasty food and piping hot the most favourite beverage known to mankind – CHAI – to the very basic crowd with small pocket size. Specially and Specifically for everyone. The only plan we had was to serve FOOD FOR EVERY MOOD to everyone in a clean and hygienic atmosphere.

The food and beverage business, which is the largest in terms of volume in the franchise group, has recovered the fastest from the pandemic. Tea and coffee franchises, ice cream franchises, and fast-food franchises have all performed well in the past. 

These Food and Beverage Industry Business Lines have virtually doubled in the last few months compared to the previous 12-month total business. Restaurant, pizza, and burger franchises are preparing to expand. CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ is a new and rapidly growing brand that offers a variety of hot teas, coffees, sandwiches, hamburgers, pasta and lasagna, toasties, Maggi, wraps, and pizzas. It has a special area called the “Maa Menu” that caters to people who are far away from home with an absolute rendition of home-cooked meals. 

India’s Foodie City INDORE or MP09 (Madhya Pradesh) is home to CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ. It is the first outlet, and it is located in Bhawarkuan, which is the heart of the students’ hub. The brand is now expanding in Vadodara, Nagpur, Dalhousie, and Ahmadabad, with ambitions to extend across India. 

Now, after 12 months of serving the same dream in over 7 States, with more than 30 outlets, our dream has gone bigger. Now we are entering every TIER 1, 2, 3 cities to make sure more and more people can try our food and beverages and get to know CHAI VAAI CAFE FAMILY closely. 

A Team of Professionals 

A team of hospitality industry professionals runs the CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ. Simran Gurnani, the brand’s founder, manages the entire show under her own standards. She is an outstanding cook herself, with her daughter Diya Gurnani, the brand’s co-founder, who assists with operations. The other members of the team are the Chief Operating Officer (Sandy), Senior Operations Manager (Ashish/Jatin), Head Chef (Ankit), and the Core Team (Gurpreet/Atul/Anil), who are in charge of marketing and promotions. 

Cleanliness, freshness, hygienic preparation, quality checks, maintaining FIFO, and following S.O.P (standard operating procedure) and staff management are all standards that CHAI- VAAI CAFÉ adheres to as a brand. The duo is supported by a staff with 19 years of operational, training, and franchising expertise. 

Future Endeavours 

Simran Gurnani’s aim for CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ was straightforward at first: operate one shop and make ends meet. But she now sees CHAI VAAI CAFÉ PRIVATE LIMITED as being at least everywhere possible in PAN-INDIA, and it’s not just about opening multiple outlets; it’s about helping each franchise grow with all the support and assistance available, as well as keeping the brand up to date with all the latest trends. She asserts, “We want to be at least 30 outlets by the end of 2021.” 

According to Simran Gurnani, CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ is an excellent chance to launch a low-cost, high-return food franchise. She goes on to say that by joining the brand, one may establish their own food company providing a wide selection of budget-friendly menus for only 1900000 lacs. 

Hard Work that Motivates 

“Innovation is what we are all about. We keep adding: that’s what it’s all about. The team is full of experience and ideas, and we fully support them to bring it ahead,” says Simran Gurnani. The team keeps itself up to speed on all new trends and possibilities, but it also considers the franchise owners’ money to see how far the team can push it. Simran Gurnani is inspired by the brand’s core team and its work. The team emphasizes, “We believe in less talks and more work.” 

Hi, food! We love you! 

No, we can’t hide it. Food dominates our thought every waking minute. When we aren’t eating, we have sweet daydreams about food. Mouth-watering #indianfood #paratha #dalmakhani #chole. The luscious cheesy burgers, cheesy pizzas, Indian biryanis, home-cooked delights, thick milkshakes, heavenly sandwiches! We’ll go on and on till someone stops us. 

A Local Brand from #Indore #awarded Chai-Vaai Cafe as the Best Emerging Café Pan-India. 

@chaivaaicafe @gurnani.simran (Founder)

@diyagurnani4 (Co-Founder) We are honoured to be nominated for the Nationwide Awards – 2021, The 22nd Award Ceremony of Business Mint. The event took place at the HICC Novotel in Hyderabad on November 27th, 2021

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