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Chennai’s Bootstrapped startup delivers fresh seafood directly from the sea. Their Story



There is a huge competition going on in the meat and seafood sectors we know but in today’s struggling day’s a new firm emerged as  seafy .

 Although many people are familiar with this company, we thought it would be better to give you some information about the services provided by the company.


This company deals with a seafood market that has been serving in Chennai in and around OMR and ECR for over 2 years.Founded in the year 2020 backed by Hinflow incorporation. They were very ambitious to get the best sources of seafood and provide the best possible experience to their  customers. This is the main reason startups have always ensured to source the most sustainable, high quality and delicious seafood in the current seafood market.

With the support of their  customers and the hard work of their  incredible team, they  have been able to grow their  operation and offer  convenient, high-quality, and essential services. They  were planning to launch their first experience store as a franchise to the company called Biz – Waisely  at the location between Tambaram and Medavakkam also they were planning to build a mini processing unit in Uthandi, Chennai.

The founders, who are based in Chennai, say that all orders have a customized Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) that may even be 10 to 19 minutes depending on the location and resource availability. Most of their orders reach within the ETA, the founders claim. What about the orders that don’t reach on time? “We reconcile with customers by offering discounts or other incentives,” they say. Currently, all deliveries from the websites are free of charge.

Customers can order a variety of items including fish, prawn,crab, etc. from 7 am to 10 pm.

One of the Founders say that the idea came to me because the seafood market is not up to its level  because we have tried to order fish from online and it tooks around 1 to 2 hrs to get delivered even though the fish is much late like minimum 1 or 2 day from its catch time , so we as fisherman we would like to deliver fresh fish without freezing it for long days to our customers our fish will be catched in same day which is not more than 18hrs from its catch time.

The meat market in India already has some big players including Tendercuts, Fipola and Licious, and other start-ups, but the duo feel confident of their concept and claim they don’t see anyone else as rivals. “Right now we are just building out an experience and we have a lot of plans to implement in our brand Seafy x Chennai Store,”  said one of his founders.

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For Business enquiries contact them  +918939390835 |

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