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Coach Shivam Salwan says that Body Recomposition is the future of aesthetics.



Coach Shivam Salwan is an online fitness trainer who has transformed more than 5000 people in the past six years. His Instagram page @fitness_junction has approximately half a million followers. Before being a fitness coach, Shivam was a recommended candidate for the National Defense Academy with an All India Rank of 126. In addition to that, he has also won a Gold medal at all India games Judo, and a Silver at all India games Kick Boxing Tournament. With daily fitness tips being posted on his Instagram handle, many people have started exercising regularly after following his free tips. He believes that a great and good looking physique can be achieved by working out regularly at a gym or even at home. He encourages his followers and clients to work out at home during the COVID imposed lockdowns. Another strong belief that he holds is that ANYONE can achieve their ideal physique without consuming non-vegetarian Food Items. If you like enjoying your eggs and chicken, then do that by all means, but it is not MANDATORY to build muscles, is what he says. 100 Grams of moong sprouts contains more protein than 100 Grams of chicken. 

             Over the years, he has specialised increasingly in Body Recomposition. “Body Recomposition” is the process of building muscles and losing fat simultaneously. He believes that most people don’t want to look too bulky or lean! All they need is a regular-sized physique with a decent amount of muscle mass and a low-fat percentage! Sometimes with the specific aim of attaining a six-pack in mind. If we look at some top sportsmen and popular Bollywood stars like Ranveer Singh, Tiger Shroff, Virat Kohli or Varun Dhawan. They all have garnered compliments for their physique, but none of them looks too big! A healthy body composition (less fat and more muscles) is the key to their aesthetic physique. 

Coach Shivam Salwan, the founder of Instagram handle Fitness Junction (@fitness_junction), helps busy professionals and students attain their dream physique. This is done by various time management, efficient training and smart diet planning strategies that are used to inculcate fitness in their current schedule. So his clients meet their fitness goals without compromising their professional or academic purposes. You can check out Coach Shivam Salwan’s Instagram by clicking the link below! Also, you can reach out to him directly on WhatsApp as well by clicking the link below 

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