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Conversion Intelligence- The New Era of Marketing



Ranjan Das MD Apppl Combine

In this interview, we will pick Mr. Ranjan Das’s brain to get his thoughts on what conversion intelligence is, how it supports your business goals, and how you can use it to improve the performance of your own website.

Hello, Mr. Das. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. I’m interviewing you today about your experiences with conversion intelligence and we’ll start with a few basic questions:

Q. So you’ve been in marketing for a long time; what exactly does a marketer strive for? 

A. The main goal for a marketer according to me is building a Brand, giving it an appropriate image for its audience, ideating and creating campaigns to give it a market value, and ultimately having abundant customers at its doors for purchase.

Q. So, where does conversion marketing fit in and what is conversion marketing?

A. We just spoke about what a marketer strives for but do we ever think of how tiring the process gets from brand development to conversions? We are loaded with lots of data to sort from be it for SEO, campaign analytics, etc. You are stuck with building the blocks but still unable to dig that gold and even Business Consultant like me struggles for the same for you.

Here enters the unbeatable- “Artificial Intelligence” to improve your marketing skills named “Conversion intelligence”. It combines your marketing IQ with artificial intelligence to gain more business with the talents you already have and increase conversions with every campaign. It is the latest strategy for winning your audience in the cutthroat world of competitive internet marketing.

Conversion Intelligence aims to get as many people as possible on your website and turn those leads into sales. For example, if you deal in sneakers and your site gets 100 people per day. 60% of those people only visit the home page and 40% of those visit a specific product page on your site, then your conversion rate would be 40%. For you to know how successful your campaign has been in converting visitors into customers (and thus making money), you must look at the overall numbers of individual metrics.

Q. Is conversion marketing a new thing?

A. In recent years, we have witnessed a technological boom. For example, we have progressed from horse drawn carriages to diesel- or petrol-powered motor vehicles to now electric cars. There has always been a transition in technology that has made things much more efficient and easier for us. Similarly, there has been a rapid rise in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It has led to new ways for businesses to improve their efficiency and optimize their marketing strategies. The industry is now seeing a shift from traditional marketing techniques to automated data-driven campaigns that can be personalized using AI.

I believe the new era of marketing is here. It’s time to step up your game and learn about the terms that make up this new era. The key to success in any industry is having a marketing consultant guide you through strange waters and with their knowledge in place, you can build the best product or service for your customers.

Q. So can you tell us about what conversion marketing entails?

A. Conversion marketing is the process of driving website traffic to your site, converting them into customers, and closing deals. It’s a long-term strategy that requires careful planning and execution over time.

Conversion marketing can be thought of as a pyramid or funnel, with each point representing a step on the way to conversion. Let’s take a closer look at what conversion marketing entails-

Landing page design: Marketing professionals focus on ensuring that each page has a specific purpose that corresponds to what you want visitors to do after they land on your site. For example, visitors interested in hosting can find all the information they need on the Airbnb landing page. It has reviews from previous hosts, articles with tips, and even a calculator to determine location-based weekly average earnings. All this information, along with the bold pink CTA at the top, makes it simple to sign up there and then.

Content quality: Content marketing is an excellent strategy to increase consumer trust, brand recognition, loyalty, and awareness. It is important to note that content marketing is more than just writing blog posts or making images—it is about creating valuable information that people want to read. For instance, Zomato’s business marketing plan includes humor. It produces and distributes graphics that show references to popular culture and trends to connect with its consumers.

Increase conversions and income by using conversion marketing: You might not be aware of this yet, but conversion marketing can help your company improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Businesses in various sectors employ conversion rate optimization (CRO) solutions as an efficient way to boost their overall sales by raising the quality of leads produced by their marketing campaigns. For example, take Netflix. Their website is quite straightforward. There isn’t a lot of ambiguous copy, and you are made aware of what exactly you are purchasing. The final consumer is the main focus. And with the least amount of language necessary, they provide clear, concise answers to customer inquiries.

Q. Thank you for your valuable time, any last words?

A. Marketing has evolved over the years, but one thing remains true: people are still humans and make decisions based on emotion rather than logic. It means that if a brand makes a mistake or offers an inferior product or service, it’s going to cost them in terms of sales and loyalty. Conversion intelligence is about understanding your customers better so you can create more effective marketing strategies. Understanding what drives them and how they make decisions will help you understand how to target them with the right message at the right time


Mr. Ranjan Das is a successful business coach who helps companies increase conversions and profits by using conversion marketing strategies. He has strategized the business moves of 70+ topline MNCs, assisting their success, using a variety of skills and extensive market knowledge.

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