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Dakshita Sennimalai – The Golden Girl



Dakshita Sennimalai – a multi- talented girl who has participated in various music competitions and have won winner titles, trophies and Medals at a very young age. Dakshita is a 9th-grade very bright student and a young, growing, gifted, singer. She hails from a small simple town in Udumalpet, in the state of Tamilnadu. She is also basically an excellent Carnatic singer since she was in grade 6. Her passion for singing, her beautiful melodic voice, has won her world wide accolades and prizes. She is very famous and well known all over the world. It’s a lot of fame at such a young age. She deserves every bit of it. 

Her passion for music started when she was just 3 years old, when her school teachers and our neighbours recognized her talent and found her voice very suiting with shruthi. All this started in her 4th grade. She practised and gained interest in singing seeing the appreciation coming in. She did riyaz in wee hours of the morning in the silence of the dusk, when the world was asleep and not yet awakened to the beautiful day ahead. Seeing her being appreciated and working so hard, her parents too encouraged her to go ahead with things and focused on her singing along with her studies. They supported her with taking care of her and providing her all the infrastructure she needed to do her riyaz. Although they lived in a small town they managed to do the needful for her.

Her father Mr.P. Sennimalai is a businessman, Farmer, Astrologer, and a law student. He is a simple and a gentleman who kept his families needs before him. Her mother Dr. Gangadevi Sennimalai Marimuthu is a professor of English at a foreign university. She was also a multi talented woman. Her mother is her real-life inspiration and role model for her. Seeing her mother work hard and do her best in her life inspired Dakshita to do better and better. She also has one sibling Monisha Sennimalai studying in grade 5 who is also a music student. Many times they both would sit together and sing a beautiful jugalbandi. Her parents would sit mesmerised and hear their daughters singing. Dakshitas voice enthralls the audience as soon as she begins to sing. She has participated in many inter-school competitions and gave many stage performances where she received many trophies and Medals in her place. She was constantly called to several places to sing and the audience would be full of people clapping for her. She would have her days in her calendar filled with bookings of the events she would have to go.

She is gifted with not only a voice but also in Drawing (Pencil Art), Playing guitar, and composing music. She is also an athlete, volleyball, and basketball player. This makes her very efficient and very gifted. She is very much fond of English songs and her inspiration in music is Billie Eilish. She listens to him in all her free time. She has an art to pick up antras and tunes while she hears and makes her own original creations . Her ambition when she grows up is to pursue music in higher education in Canada. She aspired to do good work and create good music that she can leave as a legacy once she has completed her journey of her life so she can be remembered with the same fondness and her work can become a legend.

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