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Deepika Dutt wins Mrs. Iconic Fashion India 2021



Mrs. Iconic Fashion India witnessed Deepika Dutt as its winner for the year 2021’s season. The event was a star-studded affair marked with the presence of various eminent personalities. Deepika charmed the season with her mesmerizing, elegant and talented personality that emerged her as the winner after few highly competitive rounds. She was awarded with a gratification of a royal crown along with a room in the hearts of the people. Her astounding uprightness and positivity poured her with immense love and support from the audiences, family, friends and well wishers.

New Delhi based Deepika feels immensely grateful for the audience and the judges. She had expressed her gratitude for such an honor that humbled her to be the Mrs. Iconic Fashion India 2021 winner. She considers her family and friends as her strength, cheerleader and a major support system who believed in herself and encouraged her dreams to reach greater heights. Deepika kept her dream intact and never doubted her worth and capability. Her purpose of achieving the dream of winning the coveted crown was valid and she feels nothing greater than actually living the dream of life.

Deepika believes in being the best version of herself with self belief. Though the competition was not an easy one but she always remained optimistic about the next rounds and looked forward with positive approach. Though she least expected that her name would be announced as the winner but she spared no effort to give her best at the glittering and glamorous event and finally walked away with the title of Mrs. Iconic Fashion India 2021 and a coveted crown. She was jittery upon announcing her name that literally launched her career with the myriad of opportunities.

Her glory was something to be cherished forever as it was her life changing moment that had come along with the golden occasion of her life. Her parents and friends felt proud watching Deepika walking down the aisle in a crown. She describes the moment as a day filled with pride in the eyes of her parents and glitz in the attitude of her friends. Indeed, an incredible honor to win the most prestigious beauty pageant. She shares “I have never been a part of any beauty show before; I worked as a freelance model for the quest of learning so that I can groom myself and learn the correct way of walking on the ramp, the terms, perfect pose, maintain postures my poise and carry myself in a way that I never had and that had boosted my confidence to forge ahead only with a self faith”

After the big happy event of her life it was hard for Deepika to put into words how grateful she was as her family and friends always got her back. She feels immensely blessed to have her family’s support by her side. She credits her father Mr. Ganeshi Dutt Pandey, mother Mrs. Devki Dutt and brother Mr. Prabhat Dutt Pandey for encouraging her without which nothing would have been possible.

Deepika was born and brought up in New Delhi but her ancestral roots belongs to a small village named Talla-Biral Gaon, Almora in Uttarakhand. Currently she is employed in a private organization as an Executive Assistant and as a social activist taking care of Stray dogs and cats. Speaking about her forthcoming projects, Deepika is gearing up for modeling assignments with ace fashion designers of the Industry, together with anchoring projects of talent shows in the pipeline.

Deepika signs off with her words of wisdom for the aspiring models “Have faith in yourself and your capabilities keeping in view of your own limits just strive for it. Keep your head high with positive approach and remain happy from within because I think that is most important and above all be passionate and enjoy whatever you set your goal for and that’s what I’ve been doing so far and it kept me growing. I feel everyone should avoid the fear of rejection and give their best shot, irrespective of the outcomes. Just give your best; your performance will make the noise eventually. Winning and losing is a part of the game what matters is learning. Keep learning, it should never stop!”

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