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Delve Into Nakshrajsinh And Bhavika’s Royal Wedding, The Initial Familial bond between Sisodiya’S and Chauhan’S Rajput



The big fat Royal wedding of Nakshrajsinh Sisodiya, descended from Sisodiya Royal Family, and Bhavika Kanvar descended from the Chauhan Rajput Royal Family, happened recently and was an affair to discern. It brought together two Royal families, The Sisodiyas and Chauhan Rajputs, into a sacred bond. 

For the wedding, the princess wore a traditional red lehenga which was serene, and the Prince wore a silk sherwani which was again a traditional heirloom. Her face was covered in a veil that she could only raise after the wedding. 

The wedding was held at the fabled Yaan wellness resort in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The resort, with its maverick architecture, was lit up; the array of excellent Rajasthani food and the magnificence of the guests dressed in their royal finery left an impression that could be lilting for life. The joy and festivities began with a tilak ceremony where the groom’s family was greeted by the bride’s family, with pious tilak, gifts, and many platters full of mithais. 

The bride was welcomed with flowers and diya aarti rendered by the groom’s family. Before the wedding, a very touching Rajput ceremony was held. These shlokas during the pheras were very encouraging. The guests at this time are each given a silk pouch filled with Kesar and rice, which they have to bestow on the couple on completion of every verse. The Rajputs have seven pheras around the havan kund and are known to keep to the wedding traditions very formally.

The groom, Nakshrajsinh Sisodiya, is a fashion designer and icon. The bride, interested in the fashion Industry, wishes to join her husband’s business as a fashion designer. Nakshrajsinh Sisodia is planning to launch his new couture label under his name Nakshrajsinh sisodiya which will be the luxury label.

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