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Digit Insurance: Simplifying Insurance for a Brighter Future




In a world where insurance can often be complex and daunting, Digit Insurance has emerged as a breath of fresh air. Founded in 2016 by Kamesh Goyal, Philip Varghese, Sriram Shankar, and Vijay Kumar, this Bangalore-based startup is transforming the insurance landscape by specializing in general insurance and making it more accessible, transparent, and customer-centric. Digit Insurance’s mission is clear: to simplify insurance products for everyone, reimagine insurance offerings, and redesign the entire insurance process. With a focus on creating straightforward and transparent insurance solutions, Digit Insurance is revolutionizing the way people perceive and purchase insurance.

Simplifying Insurance Products

Insurance has long been perceived as a complex and convoluted industry, filled with jargon and fine print that can be challenging for the average person to decipher. Digit Insurance recognized this challenge and set out to simplify insurance products. Their approach involves stripping away unnecessary complexities, ensuring that insurance policies are easy to understand and accessible to a broader audience. This approach aligns with their goal of making insurance meaningful and relevant to people’s lives.

Transparent Insurance Solutions

Transparency is at the core of Digit Insurance’s philosophy. They believe that customers deserve to know precisely what they are getting when they purchase an insurance policy. By providing clear and transparent insurance solutions, Digit Insurance builds trust with its customers and eliminates the hidden surprises that can often arise during the claims process. This commitment to transparency is a key factor in their rapid growth and popularity.

Awards and Recognition

Digit Insurance’s dedication to innovation and customer-centricity has not gone unnoticed. The startup has received numerous prestigious awards, including being named the “Hottest Startup in India” in 2019 and “Asia’s Best General Insurance Company of the Year” in the same year. These accolades are a testament to their commitment to excellence and their ability to stand out in a highly competitive industry.

Growth During Challenging Times

The year 2020 posed unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide, and the insurance industry was no exception. However, Digit Insurance defied the odds and demonstrated its resilience and adaptability. While many in the industry struggled, Digit Insurance achieved an impressive 30% growth in 2020. This remarkable feat highlights their agility in responding to changing customer needs and their ability to navigate uncertain times successfully.

Providing Coverage Against Critical Illnesses

Digit Insurance’s popularity soared when it introduced insurance coverage against a range of critical illnesses, including COVID-19 and malaria. This proactive approach to addressing the health concerns of their customers during the pandemic further solidified their position as a company that genuinely cares about its policyholders’ well-being. By offering comprehensive coverage for these illnesses, Digit Insurance has played a significant role in helping individuals secure their health and financial future.


Digit Insurance is not just another player in the insurance industry; it is a game-changer. By simplifying insurance products, prioritizing transparency, and demonstrating exceptional adaptability, Digit Insurance has proven its commitment to making insurance accessible and meaningful to everyone. With a list of prestigious awards to its name and impressive growth in challenging times, Digit Insurance is not only transforming the insurance sector but also setting a new standard for customer-centricity and innovation in the financial and insurance industries. As they continue to reimagine and redesign insurance solutions, Digit Insurance is poised to shape the future of insurance in India and beyond.

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