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Digital marketer of India, Yashika Garg, shares tips on redefining digital marketing strategies.



Digital marketing is in trend today it is the first preference of the clients as the reach and flexibility in digital marketing a very high. But it is very necessary to assign your ad campaigns to someone who is trustworthy and nose how to increase your engagement. Today we bring you one such inspiring story of a young female entrepreneur who within a short period of time has made a name for herself in the marketing industry. Yashika Garg a digital marketer from Punjab, has reached crescendo of her success just at the age of 18. Also, she has been doing dropservicing since 2021 where she has helped more 120 businesses to grow. Yashika has helped shape social media in a positive way and help people and brands to build an online profile and has assisted more than 12 brands to build their online presence. And the numbers speak for themselves as the statistics never lie. Brands performed extremely well and even doubled the profits under her marketing campaigns. It is quite amusing how this 18 yr old girl has crossed all geographical boundaries by working with brands globally and helping them to grow online. She is

Well sharing her secret Yashika told that she uses video marketing as a vital tool for her marketing strategies.With her exemplary video marketing Yashika has made over seven businesses successful. Yashika takes her work very seriously and completely dedicates her time to it, it’s not just an another part time job for her. That is why till this very day all her content has been delivered on time and her projects have been successful.Yashika is a great role model and indeed proves that success has no age it can come to you anytime but you need to be persistent and hardworking.

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