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Digitalz Pro Media & Technologies partners with GLA University to Coach Interns in Digital Marketing



One needs a great and exceptional partner to attain their highest potential and succeed in their respective career. Striving to become the best digital marketing company in Faridabad, Digitalz Pro is committed to delivering remarkable services through reliable and trustworthy team efforts. In the effort to do so, this digital media and technologies company wishes to bridge the long-held gap between theoretical studies and experienced on-the-job work. “There’s a big gap in the market among freshers who get into digital marketing and the expertise they need. We want to ensure this gap is filled quickly and efficiently through the right coaching.” Says Digitalz Pro, co-founder Sidharth Jain

Digitalz Pro Media & Technologies is based in Faridabad and has been delivering online branding & marketing services through various digital marketing verticals from search engine optimization, email marketing, LinkedIn optimization, and personal and business profile building, among other services.

Off late, the company has also associated with GLA University to offer a coaching program for students inclined towards digital marketing. The coaching program will offer the students of GLA university world-class knowledge, skills, and strategies eyed to be useful when they enter the world of digital marketing after completing their studies. 

Furthermore, through this initiative, students will have an in-depth experience of Digitalz Pro’s very competitive services up to its sleeves which involves ten power-packed services aimed to enhance the profiles of its clients and help them become more attractive to prospective customers.

The services offered include:

  • 360 Integrated Marketing – a comprehensive marketing planning approach that introduces the client’s business using various communication mediums 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – improve business’ Google search results listings to get a higher number of visitors to the client’s website
  • Google Ads – advertises products/services on Google to increase sales through search ads, product listing ads, display ads, remarketing ads, or YouTube ads and appear on top of the search display.
  • Social Media Management – hire experts in marketing to create and organize posts, videos, articles, and ads, on the business’s social media accounts.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads – increases customer engagement with the company’s products/services by running advertisements on two of the most used social media platform by individuals.  
  • Email Marketing – access support for strategizing, content creation, and copywriting to end with an effective professional email 
  • LinkedIn Growth Hacking – external management of business LinkedIn account for enhanced credibility and appeal for future connections
  • LinkedIn Ads – Online LinkedIn Ads that help optimise a brand’s online presence
  • Web/Ecommerce Development – Designing and developing e-commerce websites. 
  • Content Writing Services – inform clients and customers about your business with an engaging and information-rich website, blogs, and articles.
  • Branding – for a better understanding of how to present your business to appeal to customers
  • Corporate Photography & Videography – for attractive images and videos to convey the message to potential clients 

With this promising initiative to partner with GLA University, Digitalz Pro Media & Technologies aims to bridge the gap between education and industry and help students gain exposure to the realities of digital marketing, mainly connected to digital marketing, SEO, graphic designing, and content writing. As they endeavor to become the best digital marketing company in India, one can surely look forward to honing young minds with the skills needed to excel.

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