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Dishant Parnami: Story of his growth and Venture Sondaryam



“Needless to say, the beauty industry is booming with the annual growth rate of 65% globally since 2017, and as per the survey, it is still on the rise at the growth rate of 25-30% annually.”

People irrespective of gender and age groups like to remain presentable, and the use of beauty products and make up never goes out of fashion. Indeed, with the change in time environment, people have become more cautious about their skin and hair and makeup hygiene. Being attracted to the glamorous growing world, Sondaryam became a luxurious cosmetic brand factory of all beauty products in the City of Jaipur, providing a one-stop solution to salon and beauty parlours.

Sondaryam, a venture by Dishant Parnami, was established in 2007 to provide all the range of beauty products concerned with skin, hair and makeup under one roof. They strive to scale with the chain of stores in the whole country and are gearing up to open five more retail outlets of Sondaryam by the year-end of 2024. Currently, Sondaryam has two luxury cosmetic stores in two different parts of Jaipur. The beauty products at Sondaryam are available at wholesale rates along with retail. With the change in time amid pandemic to ease the availability of the products, Sondaryam had launched their mobile app and website to easily purchase the consequences of their choice from the comfort of their home. 

Dishant was always inclined towards entrepreneurship since a very young age, and with zeal to learn and grow, he had joined his family business in 2008 after completing high school. Along with the company, he had completed his master’s degree in marketing. Being a young man, he was always attracted to the glamorous world and its upheaval, which triggered him to set up his venture as a cosmetic store with a wide variety of beauty products. Dishant founded Sondaryam in 2007; however, its growth was evident in 2010, and since then, the beauty industry has been on the rise even after a pandemic. 

Dishant shares his inspiration behind forming Sondaryam “Being a young boy of 18-20 years, glamour is the thing that attracts you the most. Entering this industry was a fluke but staying and working on it was my choice.” Acceptance was challenging for him as he started everything from scratch. The ladies made the sale of cosmetic products, and interacting with the female customers became tricky. 

He had realized and observed that compared to earlier times, now people opt for salon business for luxury and boost revenue. 

Dishant shared about his personal life, “I am a straightforward happily married man with an attitude of accepting things as and when they come up, I don’t have any hard feelings for anyone neither I had. Being a great believer in Lord Krishna, I always count him by my side during my trying times. I am highly grateful to my cute and small family, without whom nothing would have been possible. I always credit my grandmother, mother, father and my brothers, along with my wife, behind Sondaryam’s growth. I am hugely indebted to their support and blessings.”

Dishant shares a worth sharing response about his motivation that keeps him going “There are a lot of things around you that keeps you motivated, starting with a goal. Since childhood, I have seen my parents toiling hard to better our lives by sacrificing their needs and luxuries to fulfil our demands. Whenever I visualize their journey, I feel nothing can be more motivating than this. Moreover, you should always keep yourself self-motivated and charged and never let any negativity absorb within you.”

The products sold at Sondaryam are 100% original branded products with no duplicity. They provide all branded products on retail as well as on a wholesale basis. Besides the factory outlet of all branded products, Sondaryam also owns franchised Makeup Academy (Makeup Studio Training Center) that produces professional makeup Artists every six months with guaranteed job placement to all the students. They aim to create employment opportunities and fashions to have the best makeup and hair treatment team. They claim that 70% of a hairstylist in Rajasthan is trained in their academy. This makes Sondaryam a one-stop solution for beauty professionals. 

Dishant concludes by recollecting a line that his father always said to him, “LAGE RAHO JEET JAOGE, I feel consistency is always the key. You can’t be 200% one day and 20% the other day, and it’s wonderful if you be 70-80 % every day.”

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1 Comment

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    He is a Werst piece of shit dont trust he is looting money and uploding all your contacts

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