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DJ AD5 From Venice of the East to the land of angels, Living his dream life



I think it’s difficult to say what exactly made me become a successful DJ. It depends on so many different things. If I were given an award, I would thank my family, friends, especially my best friend who  was my backbone Rohit Chacko and the great team behind me for all their support and hard work. Adel Abdul Aziz is an Indian DJ, music producer, and lyricist. Adel Abdul Aziz popularly known his stage name as DJ AD5. He was born on July 28, 1997.  Adel Abdul Aziz started his career as a DJ in 2017, while he was in his home country. Later he had opportunities in countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. He was born to Abdul Aziz and Ajitha Abdul Aziz and has an older brother, Fadel Abdul Aziz, who is a businessman, and a sister-in-law, Adv. Akhila Fadel. He grew up in Saudi Arabia and did his degree in SDV College Alleppey in Bcom Travel and Tourism.

Adel Abdul Aziz has often made headlines with his innovative projects, such as his first DJ set at Punnapara Engineering College, and among other places in Kerala.  The success of his performance in St. Teresa’s Kochi helped to establish him as a talent to reckon with in the music industry. Which was Adel Abdul Aziz’s one of his best performances.

Over the years, he has done around 50 programs in India and across the world. He is one of the most enduring musical minds in the field and draws thousands of music and trance fanatics across the world.  For his sincere work, he was known as the best DJ in Alleppey. With respect to his music choices and increasing DJing accomplishments, Adel Abdul Aziz always attracts and impresses crowds. Mainly DJ are all in Spotify account and having more views in it and also having account

As a dance mix DJ and one of the established inspirations in dance music and mixing, he has appeared on Club FM, Radio Media Village, and Jeevan TV.  Along with DJ’ing, he released two songs, “Move On” and “Close to Me,” which received millions of views on YouTube.

As a well-known DJ, Adel Abdul Aziz booked worldwide and relentlessly tours the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. He was also known as an international DJ and also the first mallu DJ in Sheffield, United Kingdom. People are great supporters of his programs. Adel Abdul Aziz is universally recognized as one of the music scene’s DJ artists and has gained truly global recognition.

His vibe is cool and his presence is positive With his good look and pleasant personality, he immediately became a local star in hometown. Adel Abdul Aziz On his birthday this year announced a new venture, an event company called ad5’s entertainments, where people can showcase their talents and skills. One of the biggest goals of his new venture is to showcase the talents of people who are looking for opportunities to perform, and he is providing opportunities to people all over the world.

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