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Dr. Tony Jose is truly a person with a purpose!



Ever since Tony was a child he used to question the value and reason of education and why everyone is being taught the same thing, unfortunately, his questions were never answered and years passed by. Growing up he always wanted to assist individuals to /perform better. He used to think, “Perhaps one day he’ll help someone and earn money”. He always cared about other people and had the charisma to help them. Soon after starting his college years, he wondered why he should study if it is not benefiting him or helping him make money. At the age of 16, he created his own events business, and began profiting from it.

One day, one of the directors of the organization with which Tony was involved was asking each of the participants in the sessions about what their individual skill was. This was the moment Tony began to question what he possessed. He began to question what he was supposed to have. When Tony’s turn came to speak he said “Out of the Box Thinking” on the spur of the moment, which he really didn’t understand at the time, but after the session was over, he caught up with the director and asked him what his true quality was. The director told Tony that he has the talent and skill to make people perform at the next level which even the people who had talent were not confident of how to do the same. This moment stuck with him but at that time he didn’t really understand how to monetize out of his capabilities.

As his academic career progressed, he began asking so many questions that his instructors began urging him to refrain from attending lectures since his inquiries were consuming their entire lecture time. In fact, they were prepared to supply him proxy signatures to fill his class attendance. Finally, in his last year, one lecturer gave him the answer to the question Tony had previously asked “What is the advantage of this certificate?” The lecturer said, “No benefits as such, but you will surely start losing out on opportunities if you are not qualified.” This answer did not persuade him, but it did motivate him to complete his degree.

After Tony finished his education, he began his entrepreneurial adventure. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side and he failed terribly which resulted in a huge debt since there was no one to advise and train him. This tumble led to his Corporate Journey, which turned his life around for ten years. Even though Tony was doing well in his corporate life he slowly started having the same question which he once had in his school time, about why he had this profile and how it was assisting him for good. Within 6 months, he was asked to manage a team in the Customer Service profile, and within a year, he was given an OJT batch of 150 workers and 10 mentors. He always let his mentors choose their batches first, and he was always left with people with extreme mindsets, one with a lot of attitudes and the other with no confidence at all.

After observing his people management and teaching abilities, he was invited to join the migration teams for derivatives from the United Kingdom, equity from Singapore, and asset servicing from the United States.

Even though he had a lot of corporate exposure and expertise, he always felt that he wasn’t fulfilling his true mission or justifying his skill of helping people. Tony helped many businesses flourish and improved people’s lives on weekends by simply guiding them in the right direction.

For the past eight years, his path has been centered on the question of how he can serve others while also earning a living. In the journey of finding the answer, he discovered a profession called Coaching, which is assisting in the transformation of thousands of lives around the world. This experience led him to meet like-minded people who had a similar and very successful path and are now running a highly successful Entrepreneurial and Coaching firm. It didn’t take long for him to become acquainted with them. Now he is on a quest to assist Entrepreneurs in Transforming and being a part of their journey to “Business Excellence” via Entrepreneurs and Enterprise TRANSFORMATION.

From elementary school through college, he advocated for leadership. After assisting the School and College in a number of podium finishes. Graduated from Mumbai University, pursued a postgraduate degree in event management, an MBA in finance, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in management studies with a focus on parenting and career coaching in NLP through Richard Blender’s School of Thought.

Tony has been an excellent and highly successful entrepreneur for the last 20 years, now he aims to assist businesses in championing their cause through business coaching. He has 15 years of business experience ranging from Customer Service to the Center of Excellence. Over 2000+ people have been trained and coached by him in preparation for the next level of leadership. Voyaging processes to India from three continents in the field of Investment Banking spanning Derivatives, Equity, and Asset Servicing from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore for 250+ positions and yearly billing of $3 million USD for the parent businesses.

That’s not all, Tony is also a Corporate Environmental Crusader he made migrated processes paperless (which required paper documentation from conception for the previous 25 years) from day one as he saved 10,000kg of paper (about 2 lakh trees) by applying Lean methodology and digitalization. Elevated to Centre of Excellence for using Six Sigma, Robotics, and Automation to reduce human labor by 85 percent, increase efficiency by 150 percent, and improve error proofing by up to 98 percent with the annual savings of $2,000,000 USD for the parent firm.

Dr. Tony Jose is a Business Coach with a Doctorate in Business Excellence. A counselor from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is an educator, serial entrepreneur, and international trainer. He has trained over 1000 entrepreneurs in over 100 different company categories using his successful design thinking process methodology. He is an expert in both entrepreneur and organisational inner change. As Head of Centre of Excellence, he has been a Global Traveller as a Mentor and Catalyst of Change for top global institutions.

Till now, Tony has helped save the world’s largest corporation more than two million us dollars and trained and coached more than two thousand people in preparation for the next level of leadership.

His goal is to convert India into an entrepreneurial nation, restoring the country to its previous glory as of the Golden Bird. His aim is to raise Sons of the Soil Champions via the development of transformational stories which have a major positive impact on the economy, society, and environment at large. His mission is to design as many enterprises as possible to fulfill the ever-increasing need for job seekers while also urging them to give back to society, as it is commonly stated that givers get the benefits. In this endeavor of helping Business Men achieve their goals lead him to be awarded as Best Business Coach Award in the prestigious platform of International Achievers Awards.

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