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EAZIAR: An online marketplace and a brand of Eaziar Pvt Ltd that sells used stuffs and as well as new products



“Eaziar is the next level marketplace that serves people with more flexibility to shop and sell their used stuff online.”

As a matter of fact, we all have the knack of purchasing new stuffs for homes and offices due to one of the reason when it gets wear out or it becomes old but subsequently the old items around our homes and offices also becomes necessary to pass on to someone so that we can make some money in addition to the disposal. As apparent, in the world of digitalization, the online world is one of the best shopping destinations and EAZIAR is one of the best rated online marketplace where any seller or buyer can sell and purchase used products through their website and mobile application along with the sale and purchase of new products. The sellers can create a shop and list their used and new items for sale for the sellers.

Gautam Dewan, the founder and CEO of M/s Eaziar Pvt Ltd has established its online marketplace Eaziar in April 2020 to bring the small business owners and every individual under one roof where they can buy and sell their used as well as new stuffs at amazing prices. Being a salaried employee Gautam always dreamt to have his own business that can benefit common people all around the world.

 Most importantly, his main motto behind the inception of Eaziar is to help in the conservation of the environment by reusing used stuffalong with serving people where they can take the benefits and make their products or stuff with an online presence at free of cost to reach more people in and around the city. His extraordinary thought and idea when put into action Eaziar was formed that provides exciting things at lower prices than in –store.

The website design and operation of Eaziar are very comfortable to use where buyers and sellers can contact each other with the swift process of authentication efficiently and securely for free. Eaziar has been sparing no effort in giving their best at serving their customers for the past one and a half year. They are looking forward to collaborating with the angel investors where they can have quick access to money and help them grow their business and so that they can reach wider masses. Fundamentally they are constantly planning for innovation to introduce something new and useful in the business.

The buyers can easily buy items from the seller within their city and even outside and the ecommerce startup Eaziar commits to give the buyers and sellers a hassle free used items shopping experience and ensure that the buyers and sellers get a convenient and effortless experience in the process of buying and selling. The customers can grab their favorite used and new products at the best prices and save money. 

Eaziar is available on all channels of communication. Their application can also be downloaded from Google Playstore.

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Google Playstore –

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