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ENGLISH HUB is Revolutionising Learning with their Student-Friendly Techniques



English has evolved in a world where everything is developing and changing. The way it is seen and the outlook with which English is seen has developed too. 

Many people who belong to a non-English background have a tough time. Now, the competition is high English plays an important role. From students or working professionals, the need for the language has grown and offered various opportunities. Learning English is an easy task because you have an authentic source, passionate and determined people. 

ENGLISH HUB is a UK-based online training firm that is helping people to learn English online. Our team exclusively interviewed the ENGLISH HUB team to know about their work, what they do and how far they have come. Here is a glimpse of the interview of Team ENGLISH HUB.

Q: What is ENGLISH HUB and ENGLISH HUB is known for?

A: ENGLISH HUB is a UK-based English Training Firm; we have a huge presence in Kerala. ENGLISH HUB is helping school and colleges students, working professionals, homemakers, and anyone looking forward to learning English. ENGLISH HUB is known for the online training that it offers to learners. We are 100% online-based tutors and are helping people learn.

Q: How was the venture, ENGLISH HUB formed?

A: English is a language that connects the world, isn’t it? The language is omnipresent and is not limited to any country or globe. It is very useful, but people do not have proper adequate recourses to learn English and are not sure how to do it. ENGLISH HUB was formed to help such people. We help them develop their English writing and speaking skills, which subsequently help them gain more confidence and showcase their actual potential. 

We are on the mission to help individuals by providing them with online English language lectures so that they can learn the language easily and quickly wherever they are. 

Q: You mentioned the students could learn the English language quickly and easily. How do you make sure that it is executed? 

A: ENGLISH HUB offers various innovative and creative techniques to ensure that the students are not getting bored. We make sure that whatever is being taught is interesting for which effective and impactful approaches are taken. Like, a personal trainer is provided to all the students throughout the course so that students can take help from them and clear their doubts. Individual attention is given to all the students to get the best outcomes. Students can call their trainers when they’re in doubt, confused or are looking for help. 

Before the course begins, we have a test. Not an admission test but a test to examine the knowledge one has about the subject and which course would fit best. This is done so that we can examine the level and provide the best based on their level. The best course for them is offered.

Our students vary in age, background and schedule. Not everyone can attend scheduled lectures as we are an online training firm. We provide material, recorded lectures, and other related stuff via WhatsApp that students can access anytime at their convenience. Using the modern-day methodology, we use WhatsApp to deliver daily classes and class notes so that students can utilise them whenever they’re free. We also provide customised courses for students as per their needs.

Our certified trainers from across Kerala organise various activities and workshops that aid in the learning process catalysing the process. The course includes sessions like vocabulary, grammar sessions, sessions to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and the list goes on.

Q: If I can ask, how many countries are you active in and how many students have trained from ENGLISH HUB?

A: We are active across India, and besides this, we have a huge student base from places like the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. We believe in quality education, and hence we make sure that we only deliver what is best. As of now, more than 20 trained professionals are working with us, and 1000+ students are on board, and those who have passed out are 100% satisfied with our teaching methods and techniques due to our top-notch quality service. Many are studying overseas or placed in good companies.

Q: What do you have to say to all the learners that are yet to start or have already begun?

A: We’d advise them to be patient and work hard because results are not seen overnight. Be consistent with your practice, and if someone has not started yet, please do. Don’t be afraid of it. Language fluency in English not only opens doors to jobs you would not have explored previously, but it also provides a variety of additional benefits and widens your perspective towards the world. 

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