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Entice Coin (NTIC) Disrupting Crypto industry with their innovations.



In the era of digitalization, every existence of this world is digitizing. Then how can money, the most essential part of life, be left unattended. The digital world expects digital money on their phones accessible by finger clicks. Although your mobile phones always had money in the form of e-wallets, mobile banks, and more, when technology grows the entire human race moves an innovation ahead in comfort and ease.

Entice Coin (NTIC) co-founded by Yax Sheth, Ebrahim Bangdiwala, Anshul Bisht & Kunal Barad are stepping up their foot in the world of FinTech with Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. They are up with a mission to revolutionize the traditional banking sector and bring in the concept of Crypto Banking. With cryptocurrency, the world will experience online transactions using the technology of cryptography. Entice coins (NTIC) will help one to have an all Banking facility with EnticeX.

Cryptocurrency is technological advancement and is made possible by the growing trend of blockchain. Crypto functions on the principles and mechanism of blockchain technology. On the other way round it can be said that blockchain technology came into the real world to bring up the concept of virtual money. As a database blockchain stores information digitally and is significant for drawing tokens and carrying exchanges. They are properly basic and easy to understand functioning in their unique way with Ethereum smoothly and functionally. Entice coins (NTIC) with these easy tricks and techniques are aiming to make Crypto usage smooth and easy.

Entice Coins (NTIC) will trade in three different domains of crypto usage, those are NFTs, Gaming, and Crypto Exchange. With all these use cases Entice is disrupting the crypto world. The Entice Coin (NTIC) ecosystem will deal with the Crypto world and provide its services in it. The holders of Entice NFTs will receive exceptional privileges. Entice NFT holders will benefit from the revenues of Entice Play & Earn Crypto Mini-Games, which will provide them with a source of passive revenue. The NFTs market skyrocketed in 2021 and is now a great deal to be owned in. In the whole new world of the crypto ecosystem, Entice Coins (NTIC) help you to trade with non-fungible tokens which are unique and irreplicable.

To enhance the gaming experience with the crypto ecosystem Entice has crypto mini-games for all new digital world experiences. Entice’s Crypto Mini-Games will revolutionize the way crypto games are played. Two players can compete in one-on-one games and earn money. On playing the mini-game one would get to earn entice coins (NTIC). This will not only develop the craze of gaming but will provide an all-new method of earning in the crypto world. Getting rewarded will excite the gamers as well as the non-gamers to explore and move ahead in this technological way of earning and growing.

Entice Coins (NTIC) also brings in the option of crypto exchange with EnticeX. The objective of Entice Exchange is to create a crypto bank for the crypto world. Crypto Systematic Investment Plan, Crypto Fixed Deposit, and many more features will be available. The highlights of EnticeX are not just limited to these but range over to a wider range of P2P, staking, pool, farming, spot trading, and margin trading. All in all the crypto bank will have its digital and crypto features for the ownership of digital coins and the issue of digital collectibles. Hence making smooth digital ownership.

Co-founders of Entice Coins (NTIC) were technology enthusiasts and geeks of programming so came with this beautiful technological advancement to improvise the real money trade to digital money exchange. They are with a vision to create a long-lasting impact with technological exchange and digital cryptocurrency.

One can avail collect their entice coins (NTIC) by the pre-sales upcoming on the website of enticing coins. It is reasonable and worthy but to start one must take baby steps and seeing the rewards and benefits one will definitely revert back and secure more and more coins. Bang on to the website of Entice Coins (NTIC) and explore the whole new crypto world.

Disclaimer: This is a company release. No ** journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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