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Entrepreneur’s Struggling story: Mr AKhil Chaturvedi (Saurav)



Mr Akhil Chaturvedi (Saurav) is a Social Activist, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Go SEO Digital. He possesses 5+ years of professional

experience in IT, Digital marketing and Brand management.

Mr Akhil Chaturvedi hails from a very humble background. He belongs to the Sonbhadra District. He has faced many hardships during childhood because of less financial resources. With the grace of their grandfather, Mr Chaturvedi completed his schooling at a decent School in Sonbhara. After schooling, he pursued and inculcated some in-demand skills of Digital Marketing, Branding, Information technology, Web Development and Entrepreneurship.

After completing graduation, he did two jobs. He worked as an IT manager and owner in an IT Company. The other was a job in a Tours and Travels Agency. He confronted many challenges during his journey. Since day one of his career, he had significant responsibilities on his shoulders. Mr Akhil has contributed immensely to the growth of the companies in which he was employed.

His team size grew to 25 which is remarkable for any startup from the perspective of employment generation. The continuous focus and hard work started paying off. Mr Akhil was a competent corporate leader and business professional. He then made up his mind to start his ventures.

  • He founded two successful startups in 2018. The first one is GO SEO Digital, a leading Digital Marketing Company in the Chattisgarh – Bilaspur region. The other is GO TOUR Trips, a Tours and travel agency that provides affordable tour packages and hassle-free reservation services.

  • He has always been keen on contributing to the upliftment of society. He has been significantly active in helping and supporting underprivileged farmers of our country.
  • He has achieved high levels of achievement in a brief period.
  • He has worked with various Domains like Automobile, IT Tour & Travel Pharmaceutical, E-commerce, Ed-tech and many more. 
  • He has also handled projects of multi-national companies like Mercedes. 

Mr Akhil Chaturvedi believes that there is a lot more to go. He is working with the aim to empower every businessman of India with Digital support. To fulfil this aim, he and his team are constantly creating affordable Digital marketing packages for small businesses. Mr Akhil has always expressed the importance of digitisation and technology in business. He believes every business has to be online to be future-ready.

Apart from his profession, he also loves animals. He spends time with his pets in his leisure time. He is also associated with NGOs working for animal security and welfare. Mr Akhil himself advocates the safety of animals and ban on the use of animals for commercial purposes.

Today, Mr Akhil Chaturvedi is running two successful startups in different domains and has opened up many employment opportunities for the youth. The best part is that anyone who wishes to work can get associated with GO SEO Digital and start working on their own terms.

Mr Akhil is the Founder of GO SEO Digital, a leading IT and Digital marketing company based in Bilaspur, Chhatisgarh. They are helping businesses to create and maintain their online presence, which is

a fundamental need for any business to sustain itself in today’s world of digitisation. GO SEO Digital has been contributing to the growth of many businesses. 

Go SEO Digital focuses on providing ROI centric services. GO SEO Digital provides services like Search engine optimisation, Social media marketing, Digital marketing, IT consulting, and every other service required by a business for its online marketing and executions. 


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