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Expert Counsellor: India’s Top Counselling Platform



According to data, around 56 million people in India suffer from depression, and 38 million suffer from anxiety disorders, making India one of the countries with the highest rates of mental disease worldwide. India encounters around 2,00,000 suicides in one year and still faces a shortage of mental health workers like psychologists.

This problem adds up due to the prevalent stereotypical mental health stigmas. According to Google, stigma refers to “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person”; unfortunately, mental health stigmas are very quotidian.

Due to the existent mental health stigma, people become reluctant to ask for help.

Therefore, in 2020, Mr Anudev Singh, the founder of Expert Counsellors, recognized this requisite and decided to start a counselling platform by gathering a team of certified counsellors.

What is counselling?

Counselling refers to a form of talk therapy where the person in distress meets a professional counsellor to talk about the issues and problems that they are facing.

People usually confuse counselling with being worth exactly like having a conversation with a friend, which is erroneous.

Therapists follow a code of ethics that includes confidentiality. A therapist will hear your experience and help you determine the best possible action.

Talking to a friend is free, but only a professional counsellor with years of experience and knowledge can provide you with the cognitive and emotional skills required to live a happier life.

Expert Counsellor has successfully treated more than 2500 clients in 150 cities and uses an eclectic approach to resolve their client’s distress. An eclectic approach refers to the combination of various techniques and methodologies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Art Therapy, etc., all used to alleviate the mind of a client.

The most common distress of people that come to Expert Counsellors is Relationship Issues which makes sense because many studies have supported the hypothesis that negative connections and interactions with others, particularly with spouses, raise the risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Expert Counsellor is based in R/O Panjore, Kanachak, Jammu.

It provides physical therapy in 4 metro cities and online treatment in 150 cities. In the beginning, there existed an unawareness of the problems that were faced by the people of Jammu, like surviving in a marginalised community; however, overtime, they perceived better knowledge by deeply studying about the same, which paced them towards becoming Jammu’s leading online counselling platforms that help people resolve their distress and reach full potential.

Anudev Singh mentioned in his newspaper articles that “In this world full of competition, crime, distrust, dishonesty, it’s essential to have someone that can show you the right path and ignite the inner shine.”

Expert counsellors started alone in 2020 and now have a team of 160 counsellors pan India. They have achieved many awards and have taken the initiative to end people’s suffering. Their future goal is to bring more mental health awareness to society.

In the end, they would like to share advice for other startups to believe in themselves, keep on their toes with what is happening in their surroundings, update when required and take challenges.

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