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Fashion with a Purpose: How this brand is changing the fashion landscape in India



Apoorv Mangla worked in the fashion space for some time and found the massive pollution it creates at different levels.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. The amount of pollution generated by the Fashion Industry is 110 million tonnes every year. On average, it takes 8,000 litres of water to grow the cotton for a pair of jeans and 2500 litres for a t-shirt. This is just the amount of water used to grow cotton. Think about the gallons of water being used while dyeing and printing the fabric. The water consumed to boost India’s cotton is enough to supply India’s population with 100 litres of water every day for a year.

This led Apoorv to start Eco Clothing India, where the garments are handcrafted using rain-fed, organic, and sustainable fabrics that are dyed and printed using toxic-free chemicals. Eco Clothing India also engages Indian artisans on fair wages to revive and promote the dying Indian arts like hand block printing, flower printing, chikankaari, etc. Eco Clothing India has a range of organic cotton, organic mulmul, bamboo, natural silk, soyabean, and many other plant-based fabrics.

“When the idea of starting Eco Clothing was conceived, initially, we faced a lot of difficulties. From sourcing the right fabrics at the right prices to convincing the artisans to work organically, it was a huge challenge. Our quantities were small and no one was willing to work an all-natural process for such small quantities. Slowly, with our passion and perseverance, we were able to set up our supply chain. Over the time it has rewarded our artisans as they are working with us on larger quantities now as well as getting export orders of organically printed fabrics.” – Apoorv

The fabrics are sourced from Internationally certified textile mills in different parts of India. Artisans from Rajasthan, Lucknow, Chhattisgarh and, Gujarat, who have been practising various crafts of hand printing for generations, bring out the different prints and colours using natural elements like flower petals, fruits, peels, and vegetables. Eco clothing India is associated with over 1000 artisans, the majority of them women, across India. Each purchase made contributes to the livelihood of at least 15 artisans. The whole process takes months to develop, and each of the garments is hand-printed, hand-stitched, and has extensive hand-work detailing, which is done using different threads, mirrors, sequins, etc. Eco’s garments are 100% handmade with love in India.

Eco Clothing India has there design studio and manufacturing in Delhi with a qualified team of Designers, Masters, Tailors, and Quality experts. Apoorv’s mission is to make sustainable Fashion affordable, which is why they are selling their designs at prices even less than the other non-organic brands. At present, Eco Clothing India’s range consists of women’s ethnic wear and men’s shirts. The team is working on expanding into a complete range of western wear as well.

Shop Eco’s range of Designer Kurtis, Kurtas, Pants, Palazzos, Salwars, Dupattas, Kaftans & more in vibrant prints, soothing shades, and comfortable silhouettes. The fabrics are extensively soft, breathable, and lightweight. Perfect for the hot & humid weather!




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