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Femiworld Sanitary Pads: Solution to your period problems



Bhartiworld is an Indian brand under which was established , inspired by the vision of our honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji, under the trade name B K Traders , headed by Mrs. Bharti Jandiyal. The Company has been dealing in the trading of multiple Indian and imported products throughout the country. Empowered by a  customer centric vision, Bhartiworld believes in delivering the highest levels of quality and safety to it’s consumers.

Many people are not aware that India has the second-highest menstruating population globally with 355 million females falling in this category. However, the penetration of the organized Sanitary Napkins market remains astonishingly low at 18%. Bhartiworld through a new initiative and vision through it’s “Femiworld Sanitary Pads”, is committed to serve and contribute towards improving female hygiene & sanitation conditions across India and contribute significantly in the growth of overall market.

Not only Sanitary Pads, Bhartiworld is in the process of launching more hygiene products like Baby Diapers with the brand name Kinder Joy and Adult Diapers with the brand name Veterans. This initiative is being steered forward by a team of young and dynamic professionals hailing from the city of Jammu & Kashmir.

Periods is something which still many people don’t  talk about openly and is considered as taboo in Indian society. Indian women are getting aware of the hazards of not using hygienic methods during periods but still there are large number of females , specifically in rural areas who are being forced to use traditional methods like cloth etc. during their menstrual cycle due to unavailability of proper awareness and affordable Sanitary pads.

Femiworld Sanitary Pads is coming forward to support these women by expanding it’s reach to rural belt with focused approach and making them aware about the benefits of Sanitary Pads in comparison to the traditional means, so that more and more women can initiate the usage of Sanitary Pads and help them towards building a healthy India. Bhartiworld envisions to empower every single woman in the country by making them aware about the importance of good menstrual hygiene .

Femiworld Sanitary Pads brings you the widest range of sanitary pads for all your period needs. They are made up from the highest quality material for the best comfort during periods. With a mission of providing the best quality & affordable products , Bhartiworld promises it’s customers a better smoother & safer experience in comparison to other brands in the market.

Femiworld Sanitary Pads come in two sizes- Large & Extra-large. These pads are made with Biodegradable polymer gel, which ensures effective fluid absorption allowing the pads to stay dry all the time.

Bhartiworld strongly believes that a happy & healthy period is the basic right of every woman in this world.

You can shop these products at various E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa & more. Bhartiworld recommends you to use Femiworld Sanitary Pads once & experience the change.

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